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the finished men's beanie in yellow yarn

Easy Men’s Beanie Pattern Mütze

A simple and versatile pattern in 1×1 rib stitch for every day

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the finished product of my how to knit socks video modeled on feet

How to knit socks for beginners

Step by step tutorial on sock knitting – easy pattern

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25 essential tools every knitter needs

A massive list of essential materials and tools for better results.

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How to start knitting? Helpful guides for beginners you need to read.

the long tail cast on method on the needle

How to cast on stitches for beginners

A step by step tutorial with three different methods to cast on knitting stitches the easy way.

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Inserting the needle into the second loop to knit the second knit stitch

How to knit the Knit Stitch

The knit stitch is the most basic knitting stitch and the perfect place to start. Helpful tips to get started.

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Close up of a stockinette stitch knitting pattern

How to knit the Stockinette Stitch

A step by step tutorial for beginners on how to knit the stockinette stitch – the most classic knitting pattern.

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interchangable knitting needle sets on a table

Review: The best interchangeable needle sets

ChiaoGoo, Knitter’s Pride, HiyaHiya, Addi? Which knitting needle set is really worth it and what do you get for your money!

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Knitting Stitch Patterns 

A free library of popular knitting stitch patterns and how to knit them. Cable stitches, Brioche stitches, purl & knit variations, and everything in between. Get inspiration and expand your knitting knowledge.

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Free knitted dishcloth pattern for beginners

Easy dishcloth pattern for beginners

A step by step knitting pattern for knitting your first own dishcloths.

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men's sock knitting pattern close-up

Easy Men’s Sock Knitting Pattern

Simple everyday socks for men with a lovely cable detail

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Porcini Mushrooms

A fun pattern for some realistic mushrooms knit in the round. Comes in two different sizes.

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pumpkin home decor knitted

Knitted Pumkin Pattern

An ingenious pattern for pumpkin patch without any seaming

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a scarf with different knitting increases lined up one after another

The ultimate list of knitting Increases

A step by step tutorials for all the increases every knitter needs to know

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knitting tips for beginners for beginners and advanced knitters

10 smart knitting tips that will make you a better knitter

A very detailed tutorial with a lot of very simple tips and hints that show instant results – even if you are a beginner.

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indie dyer colorways basking in the sun

The ultimate list of Indie Yarn Dyers (+100 entries)

A massive resource with all the (active) indie yarn dyers out there you need to know.

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reading my favorite knitting books with a cup of coffee

The best knitting books of all time

A list of the best and time-proven knitting books for beginners and advanced makers. Plus my personal favorites.

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A couple of the best gifts for knitters

The best gifts for knitters

The ultimate gift guide for knitters with ideas for every occasion. Birthday or Christmas, it’s not hard to buy something meaningful for a maker if you stick to some easy rules.

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How to weave in ends - step by step

How to weave in ends – 10 different methods for every project

The ultimate guide to weaving in ends no matter your yarn, knitting stitch pattern, or project. Ribbing, lace, garter stitch, cotton, colorwork – easy methods for every project.

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