lace shawl close-up

Lace Shawl #1

An easy knitting pattern for a simple triangular lace shawl – including step-by-step written instructions Knitted lace is the most amazing thing. It’s fun to knit and beautiful to wear. But most lace shawl knitting patterns are typically also quite difficult and inaccessible for beginners. And with this design, I tried to create a simple, …

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a selection of different types of knitted pumpkins in a basket

Pumpkin pattern parade

A very detailed knitting pattern for four different types of pumpkin Ever since the success of my basic pumpkin pattern with leaves and vines, I knew I had to come up with a follow-up. So many knitters have asked me for instructions for different types of pumpkins to decorate their homes with. This year, I …

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an easy mitered square pillow cover knitting pattern - closeup shot

A free knitted pillow pattern

A super easy pillow cover pattern for beginners using mitered squares and only garter stitch Are you looking for an easy-knitted pillow pattern? Something you can finish even if you just started out knitting. But do you want something that looks very stylish at the same time? Then you came to the right place because …

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very delicate knitted green lace yarn gloves for men with no gaps

How to knit gloves

A step-by-step tutorial on knitting gloves with fingers on double pointed needles for beginners. There are probably few knitting projects that appear more daunting than gloves. All these small diameter fingers, the double-pointed needles, and of course the small gauge – it sure sounds intimidating. That’s why I put together this very detailed step-by-step tutorial, …

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a couple of easy projects for knitting beginners shown close-up decorated on a table - you can see a scarf, a hat, a bookmark and a mug cozy

10 easy knitting projects for beginners

A list of simple beginner knitting projects that are still cute and fast to finish. “What is the easiest thing to knit for beginners?” – I can’t even begin to tell you how often I heard this question. And to be fair, it’s a valid question. Because even though you just started with this amazing …

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the free cable sock pattern hot of the knitting needles

Free cable socks knitting pattern for men

A free knitting pattern for cable socks for men – top-down, with an inverted cuff, and mid-calf high Lately, I have been traveling a lot. And since planes, cars, and trains are not especially the best place for big projects and complicated repeats, I felt compelled to start an easy cable socks knitting pattern. You …

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close-up shot of the blossoms of these knitted tulips

Tulip knitting pattern

A super realistic tulip knitting pattern for intermediate knitters. PDF with 13 pages and step-by-step written instructions You don’t have to live in the Netherlands to love tulips. There are few other flowers that come in so many different colors, shapes, forms, and variations. I, at least, always have some decorating my home in spring. …

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detailed of the cherry blossoms on the shaft

Cherry Blossom Socks

A recipe for a pair of cherry blossom inspired socks with two detailed charts and tons of pictures Did you know I studied Japanese science in what feels like a different life. I actually do speak the language, as well. Originally my plan was to visit the land of the rising sun for hanami this …

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the finished knitted daffodil flowers on a wooden board

Daffodil knitting pattern

A super realistic knitting pattern for a daffodil/narcissus with step by step written instructions Every year, close before Easter, daffodils are turning the spring meadows here in Europe into a yellow-golden ocean of elegant delight. Bumblebees are clumsily climbing into their wide-open corona seeking the sweet pollen within, and some will end up decorating our …

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the knitted crocus deccorated in moss, and snow and there are some snowdrops on the right as well

Crocus knitting pattern

A very realistic knitting pattern for crocus with step by step written instructions Do you like knitting flowers? Do you like challenges and working with delicate yarns and needles? Then I’m sure you will love my crocus knitting pattern. It stands in a line of many spring flowers I knit this year (like my snowdrops …

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