the finished knitted daffodil flowers on a wooden board

Daffodil knitting pattern

A super realistic knitting pattern for a daffodil/narcissus with step by step written instructions Every year, close before Easter, daffodils are turning the spring meadows here in Europe into a yellow-golden ocean of elegant delight. Bumblebees are clumsily climbing into their wide-open corona seeking the sweet pollen within, and some will end up decorating our …

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the knitted crocus deccorated in moss, and snow and there are some snowdrops on the right as well

Crocus knitting pattern

A very realistic knitting pattern for crocus with step by step written instructions Do you like knitting flowers? Do you like challenges and working with delicate yarns and needles? Then I’m sure you will love my crocus knitting pattern. It stands in a line of many spring flowers I knit this year (like my snowdrops …

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two finished knitted hyacinths on a wooden board with knitting needles and a scissor right next to it

Hyacinth knitting pattern

A very detailed knitting pattern for a Hyacinth finished on 2.00 mm needles using lace-weight yarn. For some reason, I am obsessed with knitting spring flowers this year. And naturally, I also had to work on a Hyacinth knitting pattern. They are one of my personal favorite flowers and I just love the way they …

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close-up of the snowdrop knitting pattern - the finished project decorated in a fake meadow

Snowdrop knitting pattern

A very realistic knitting pattern for snowdrops/Galanthus finished on 2.00 mm needles and using lace-weight yarn Do you love spring? Spring flowers? I certainly do! But I noticed the hard way that they are not meant to be kept inside. They just wilt too fast. That’s why I came up with this very realistic snowdrop …

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