A tiny little knitted mushroom in a fake forest

Knitted Mushroom Pattern: Porcini

A free knitting pattern for porcini mushrooms, also known as ceps or boletus with step by step instructions for beginners. If you have been looking around my blog, you might have seen the one or other post about mushrooms already. There is my tiny mushroom pattern, chanterelles, and fly agarics. But not porcinis! Yet, they …

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two knitted pumpkins with leaves in a little patch

Knitted pumpkin pattern

A free knitting pattern for a complete pumpkin patch including leaves and vines. This {include fitting adjective of your choice *smirk*} year is slowly coming to an end. Autumn is one of my personal favorite seasons. I never really was a summer guy. So, I’m really looking forward to the leaves turning red and of …

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a close-up shot of those beautiful twisted stitches

Sock Knitting pattern with bavarian twisted stitches: Auf zur Dult

A free sock knitting pattern with detailed step-by-step instructions so you don’t miss any of those intricate cables and bavarian twisted stitches. I am a huge sucker for regional knitting styles. Luckily, my hometown and the surrounding regions have a long-standing tradition of knitting socks on extremely fine needles. I already published a pattern of …

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