different knitted coaster one with and one without fringes

How to knit a coaster for beginners

DIY: A step by step tutorial on knitting coasters for beginners from beginning to end, plus all the materials you will need. A hand-knit square coaster can be a wonderful addition to your dinner table setting. But how do you knit a coaster if you are a beginner and haven’t knit a single stitch yet? …

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A free headband Knitting pattern: Stirnband 1

A warm & reversible pattern for a knitted headband in cashmere yarn with beautiful Fair Isle details. Everything was different this year but that certainly didn’t keep me from knitting presents for Christmas. Both my parents are really active. They love cross-country skiing and that’s why I came up with this headband knitting pattern to …

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A free potholder knitting pattern in the shape of a Santa Clause for christmas

Santa Claus Potholder Knitting Pattern

A free potholder knitting pattern that looks like Santa Claus – reversible It’s only 2 days until Christmas and this year’s holidays will be different than any I celebrated before. My parents and I will be celebrating together without any relatives and without any of the customary visits to the neighbors, etc. As a result, …

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A free cashmere hat knitting pattern with an inverted hem

Free cashmere hat knitting pattern: Mütze 2

A free knitting pattern for a cashmere hat for men and women with an inverted hem in a contrasting yarn Are you like me? Sometimes I am obsessed with a specific yarn. The organic cashmere by Pascuali is one of them. When I saw it, I had to get it and turn it into something …

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Christmas tree knitted coaster pattern

Christmas tree coaster knitting pattern

A cute little pattern for a knitted coaster with a Christmas tree. Christmas is night and it’s time to decorate the home! And what better way to add a personal touch to your dinner table than a hand-knit coaster with a Christmas tree. If you look around my blog, you will find more Christmas decorations …

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a sample knit of my ribbed socks knitting pattern

Ribbed sock knitting pattern: Socke 2

A free knitting pattern for a basic ribbed sock for men and women in two colors with an inverted cuff Are you like me? When it comes to socks I want to wear at home, I’m actually most content with basic ribbed socks. They combine a lovely fit with a classic design and are easy …

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gingerbread man and woman christmas decoration in a fake landscape with sugar cane trees and a red barn

Gingerbread man knitting pattern for Christmas

A free little knitted Christmas decoration pattern for a gingerbread man and woman without any seaming I’m not joking when I say that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. All the lights, the cookies, and quality time with my family give me the energy to get through our cold winters. This year, I …

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A knitting pattern for a great pumpkin monster for halloween

Great Pumpkin Monster knitting pattern

A scarry little Great Pumpkin knitting pattern – the perfect Halloween decoration Halloween is nigh and, of course, I had to knit a little something to decorate my home. As I already made a pumpkin patch and an egg cozy, so it only felt logical to add a knitted Great Pumpkin Monster. I’ve always been …

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A tiny little knitted mushroom in a fake forest

Knitted Mushroom Pattern: Porcini

A free knitting pattern for porcini mushrooms, also known as ceps or boletus with step-by-step instructions for beginners. If you have been looking around my blog, you might have seen a post about mushrooms already. There is my tiny mushroom pattern, morels, chanterelles, and fly agarics. But not porcini mushrooms! Yet, they are my favorite …

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different knitted pumpkins seen from above

Knitted pumpkin pattern

A cute knitting pattern for a complete pumpkin patch including leaves and vines – no sewing required This year is slowly coming to an end. Autumn is one of my personal favorite seasons. I never really was a summer guy. So, I’m really looking forward to the leaves turning red and of course, decorating my …

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