close-up of the finished pumpkin egg cozy knitting pattern

Cute little pumpkin egg cozy knitting pattern

A free knitting pattern for a cute eggy cozy in the shape of a pumpkin using scrap sock yarn – perfect Halloween. Are you like me? I just love a good Sunday breakfast. Okay, let’s be real here, brunch! Breakfast makes it sound like I only had a toast and a cup of tea *smirk*. …

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a close-up shot of those beautiful twisted stitches

Sock Knitting pattern with bavarian twisted stitches: Auf zur Dult

A free sock knitting pattern with detailed step-by-step instructions so you don’t miss any of those intricate cables and Bavarian twisted stitches. I am a huge sucker for regional knitting styles. Luckily, my hometown and the surrounding regions have a long-standing tradition of knitting socks on extremely fine needles. I already published a pattern of …

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Cute little knitted mushrooms in a fake forest made of cardboard

Cute little mushroom knitting pattern

Regular readers will know, I just love knitting itsy bitsy little things. Mushrooms are one of my favorites (here are some Morels, Chanterelles, a Porcini, and a Fly Agaric). Some of these patterns I posted on my Instagram page are awfully complicated. That’s why I decided to upload a much simpler little mushroom today. All …

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View of the front of my love sweater with "no peace" in intarsia technique

Men’s Sweater Knitting Pattern: Love

A free knitting pattern for a men’s sweater with intarsia details For some reason, I am living through an intarsia phase right now. After my love socks, I got it into my head to knit a sweater in a similar design. Originally I planned it for pride month, but light tendonitis (healed now, thank god) …

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Pride Socks Knitting Pattern: Love is Love

June is pride month. But public life is still somewhat limited and there won’t be any parades here in Germany in the foreseeable future. I felt like focusing my energies inward and created a sock pattern with some scrap yarns from my recent mushroom projects. For those who might not know it, “love is love” …

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bavarian half socks and liners

Loferl – A knitting pattern for traditional Bavarian half-socks for men

Traditional Bavarian costumes are quite elaborate and world-renowned. And they all feature exquisite knitwear. In centuries past, it was the socks where a knitter could really show of her skills. For weddings or Sunday suits, cabled fantasies were created on the smallest needles and the finest thread available. Today, there are few places left where …

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men's sock knitting pattern close-up

Easy sock knitting pattern for men: Socke 1

How to knit men’s socks in the round on circular needles or with a needle set. A free knitting pattern for beginners There are probably a million sock patterns out there. But most men don’t want to wear lace socks. They want something simple and comfortable in a nice color. That’s why I felt to …

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the finished men's beanie in yellow yarn

Easy men’s beanie knitting pattern: Mütze

A simple and free knitting pattern for a men’s beanie suitable for beginners Sometimes the most simple things are the most gratifying. If you ask me, a knit hat for men doesn’t need a complicated pattern. All you need is great wool in a great color and a bit of patience. Funnily enough, it’s exactly …

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Free cable hat knitting pattern: Into the Wild

A step by step pattern for a beautiful cable knit hat for with a contrasting pop pom A while ago I finished my beautiful cable cowl “Into the desert” and I’m so in love with this cuddly design. It certainly gained quite some attention on Ravelry, much to my delight. I had 4 more skeins …

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another picture of the knitted lace bookmark on an ancient book

Bookmark knitting pattern: Victorian Patience

Knitting a little bookmark with 1.00 mm knitting needles. My experience with these super small needles & the pattern. Are you an experienced knitter looking for a real challenge? Then you are probably like me. These days, a lot of beginners love knitting with these big 10 mm needles (like my beginner’s scarf). Really fine …

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