another picture of the knitted lace bookmark on an ancient book

Bookmark knitting pattern: Victorian Patience

Knitting a little bookmark with 1.00 mm knitting needles. My experience with these super small needles & the pattern. Are you an experienced knitter looking for a real challenge? Then you are probably like me. These days, a lot of beginners love knitting with these big 10 mm needles (like my beginner’s scarf). Really fine …

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Free knitted dishcloth pattern for beginners

Easy dishcloth knitting pattern

A knitted dishcloth pattern for beginners. Big pictures and easy to follow step-by-step instructions for knitting beginners. Two different versions!

two knitted chanterelle mushrooms

Knitted chanterelle mushrooms

Not a full pattern yet, but some beautiful pictures of my latest project: A big and a small chanterelle. Have you noticed it? Lately, I have been obsessed with knitting mushrooms. After my fly agaric pattern, and my porcini mushrooms, I just had to try to knit a chanterelle. I personally love to eat these …

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A step by step carrot knitting pattern for beginners

Cute little carrot knitting pattern

An easy step by step carrot knitting pattern suitable even for beginners who know the basic stitches. Lots of pictures and detailed instructions.