the tips of the knitters pride mindful collection needles in their slots int he pouch

Knitter’s Pride Mindful Collection Review

A close-up look at the Mindful knitting needles by Knitter’s Pride – my experience with the stainless steel tip & coated wire cables Are you considering purchasing the Knitter’s pride mindful collection? You’ve heard all about their stainless steel tips, their coated wire cables that don’t curl, and their unique design approach? But now you …

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someone holding a swatch stretched out with the standard bind off in knitting into the camera

How to bind off knitting

A step-by-step tutorial on the easiest way to bind off in knitting for beginners with essential tips and tricks So, you started out knitting, learned a simple cast-on and the knit stitch and now you want to finish your first project. Maybe you even follow a little pattern and it tells you to bind off …

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different stretchy bind-off techniques on a bocking board

10 easy stretchy bind-off methods

A ranked list of stretchy bind-off techniques for your next knitting project Most knitters probably have been there: You finished your project, you bind off the cuff or the hem – only to notice it’s too tight. So this massive list here is all about ways to prevent that from happening and to help you …

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close up of the edge created by the latvian bind off

How to knit the Latvian bind-off

A step-by-step tutorial for the super stretchy Latvian bind-off method using a tapestry needle The Latvian bind-off is a lovely variation of the sewn bind-off and requires a tapestry needle as well. It is even stretchier and creates a lovely little braided edge. It’s a very nice technique for lace patterns and all other projects …

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close-up of a knitted swatch with the in patter bind-off edge in 2x2 rib stitch

How to bind off in pattern

A step-by-step tutorial on the alternating bind-off and ways to achieve an in-pattern edge for ribbings, etc. Most knitting is not done in plain stockinette stitch. Ribbings, moss stitch, seed stitch, and a whole host of other knitting stitch patterns adorn the projects of most knitters. But the standard bind-off DOES create a row of …

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close up of suspended bind-off edge

How to knit the suspended bind-off

Everything you need to know about the suspended bind-off knitting method for a stretchier edge Are you looking to add a little bit more give to your edges? Then the suspended bind-off could be your best friend. This ingenious method allows you to create the exact same edge as your regular bind-off technique – only …

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close-up of the edge created by the sewn bind off

How to do the sewn bind off

Everything you need to know about Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind-off in knitting Are you looking for a super simple yet super stretchy way to finish your knitting? Well, then you absolutely need to try the sewn bind-off. While it does indeed use a tapestry needle (and many knitters don’t really like them) it’s just a …

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a swatch with the icelandic bind off on garter stitch

How to knit the Icelandic bind-off

A step-by-step tutorial on knitting the stretchy Icelandic bind-off and everything you need to know about it Are you looking for a stretchy bind-off that is easy and fast to knit and works very well for garter stitch? Well, then you should definitely consider the so-called Icelandic bind-off. It employs one little trick for stunning …

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close-up of a knitted swatch started with the turkish cast-on

How to knit the Turkish Cast-on

A step-by-step tutorial on knitting the Turkish cast-on – perfect for toe-up socks – on circulars or dpns. Are you looking for a super easy and invisible way to start your socks toe-up? Then the Turkish cast-on could be your new favorite method! It’s so simple and yet so versatile I would actually say it …

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close-up swatch increased with the skl right leaning increase

How to knit SKL – slip, knit, lift

A step-by-step tutorial on how to knit a right-leaning bar increase; perfect to mirror kfb Have you ever wondered if there is a right-leaning counterpart to KFB, knit front and back? Well, there is, even though it is not very well known. By knitting SKL – slip, knit, lift – you can beautifully accent those …

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