the bobble stitch knitting pattern

How to knit the bobble stitch

Step by step instructions for the simple bobble stitch knitting technique + helpful little tricks and 5 alternatives Bobbles are a great way to bring 3-dimensionality and interesting structures into your knitting. Many lace patterns, but also socks, hats, and so many other projects make use of them. They can be a bit tricky at …

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close-up of a swatch with left- and right-leaning brioche stitch decreases

How to decrease the brioche stitch

A step by step tutorial on decreasing the brioche stitch: Instructions for the left- and right-leaning version. In my previous two posts, I talked about increasing the Brioche stitch and you’ll also find a very detailed post about knitting this versatile stitch pattern. But it probably goes without saying that for shaping a garment that …

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A swatch with stacked increases in different heights - from high to low

How to knit stacked increases

A step by step tutorial on stacked increase knitting and everything you need to know about this technique. Have you seen a beautiful star pattern or the infamous fox paw shawl by Xandy Peters? They all involve so-called stacked increases and in this tutorial I will show you exactly how to create these elaborated structures. …

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