close up of a knitted swatch decreased with k2tog in every second row on the left side

How to knit two together (K2tog)

A detailed tutorial explaining how to knit two together (k2tog) step by step. This most basic stitch will create a right-slanted decrease.

someone showing how to knit the knit stitch

How to knit the knit stitch

Do you want to learn how to knit? In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to make the most basic stitch step by step. Plenty of pictures and videos will teach you two easy methods in no time.

Close up of a stockinette stitch knitting pattern

How to knit the stockinette stitch

A step by step tutorial for beginners on how to knit the stockinette stitch. This classic knitting pattern is used in socks and is super smooth & stretchy.

The brioche stitch -a very voluminous and soft knitting stitch that can be used for a lot of patterns and looks a bit like a 1 row rib

How to knit the Brioche Stitch

A detailed tutorial showing you how to knit the Brioche Stitch. It’s a very voluminous and beautiful stitch suitable for beginners.