someone showing how shadow wrap short rows work in knitting

How to knit shadow wrap short rows

A step-by-step tutorial for knitting shadow wrap short rows – plus important tips and tricks for heels, etc. Short rows can be frustrating. Often, they are somewhat fiddly to knit and you end up with holes or unsightly stitches. But they really don’t need to be. This tutorial will show you how to knit Shadow …

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a knitted vertical buttonhole on a table in yellow yarn

How to knit a vertical buttonhole

A simple technique to make a vertical buttonhole for knitting beginners A lot of knitting projects need buttons to be fastened. Cardigans come to mind, but also pillow covers or pouches. Now, maybe you already know a simple technique for a buttonhole. But how do you make a vertical buttonhole? Well, it really couldn’t be …

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close-up of a reinforced buttonhole on a wooden table

How to knit a reinforced buttonhole

A step-by-step tutorial for reinforcing a buttonhole and knitting it in one row So, you stumbled across a simple way to knit a buttonhole. It was easy and fast to make it. But then, lo and behold, with time it wore out and looked all wonky. Does this sound familiar? Well, I want to show …

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close up of a simple knitted buttonhole on a wooden table

How to knit a buttonhole

A step-by-step tutorial on making a buttonhole in knitting for beginners Do you want to knit a cardigan, a little polo shirt, or maybe just a little pouch? You already have your buttons but you have no clue how to make a buttonhole in knitting? Well, then this tutorial was made for you because I …

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a couple of legal textbooks, and some knitting on a table

Can you sell items made from patterns?

Everything you need to know about selling products made from someone else’s knitting pattern So, you want to sell your knitting. Great! But now you are unsure whether you can actually sell items made from a copyrighted pattern. Is that allowed? And what if the pattern is for free does this change things? In both …

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advanced mosaic knitting swatches on a table

Advanced Mosaic knitting patterns – Tips and tricks

A list of helpful tips for neater results with mosaic knitting The basics of mosaic knitting are super simple. Yet, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve neat results. Advanced mosaic knitting does require an even tension. Most importantly, I do feel that you should exploit the benefits of this technique as best as you …

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a mosaic knitting pattern on a table closeup

Mosaic Knitting Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial on how to do mosaic knitting, read the charts, and finish intricate patterns with success. Do you want to dive into the beautiful world of colorwork? But you feel Fair Isle and intarsia knitting are a little bit too difficult for you, yet? Well, then you absolutely need to learn how to …

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someone blocking a knitted swatch on a special blocking mat

How to block knitting

A handy little guide to blocking knitting projects – no matter if it’s a scarf, a sweater, or socks Do you want to know the most important factor that sets those charmingly self-made projects apart from those that look like unique handmade masterpieces? What sets the beginner apart from the experienced knitter? One word: blocking! …

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close up of the edge created by the twisty bind off

How to knit the twisty bind-off

Step-by-step tutorial on the twisty bind-off knitting method – perfect for hems and cuffs Are you looking for a medium stretchy bind-off that looks neat, has no flare, and is relatively easy and fast to knit? Then the so-called twisty bind-off could be exactly what you are looking for. It was first made popular by …

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close up of german short rows swatch

How to knit German Short rows

A step-by-step tutorial showing you everything you need to know about German Short Row knitting. Your pattern tells you to make a double stitch and you have no clue how to knit it? Maybe you need to do a German Short Row heel or maybe it’s a beautiful shawl in many different colors. I grew …

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