German Short row heel tutorial

Step by step written instructions for knitting the german short row sock heel (+video) Knitting socks can be tricky. It’s quite difficult to get the size right, then you have to tackle knitting in the round, and probably at the top of the list of “annoyances” is picking up stitches for the gusset. That’s why …

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how to knit faster preview picture of somebody knitting with super slick metal needles

How to knit faster – 10 tips

10 actionable tips and fast knitting techniques anyone can employ to gradually increase your speed (continental & English style) Does it feel like your projects take forever to finish? And now you are wondering how to knit faster? Well, in this tutorial I will show you a couple of tricks and techniques, anyone can employ …

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different knitted swatched showing their respective wrongs sides

Right side vs wrong side in knitting

How to tell the right side from the wrong side of a knitting project the easy way for beginners! Did you just start knitting? Maybe you successfully finished an easy beginner’s coaster in Garter stitch and now you want to begin a more complicated pattern. And suddenly there’s a distinction between knitting the right side …

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