How to bind off the last stitch and make it look neater

A step by step tutorial showing you 3 alternatives to neaten the last stitch of a bind off when knitting flat projects Are you currently finishing a project but you don’t know what to do with the last stitch? Or have you bound off successfully but your edge doesn’t exactly look neat? Well in this …

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knitting tips for beginners for beginners and advanced knitters

10 knitting tips for beginners and advanced knitters

A massive list of knitting hints and tips. Smart adjustments of standard techniques & how to knit better the easy way. Do you want to know how to get good at knitting? Do you want neat edges and a nice stitch definition? Then you came to the right place because this post contains essential knitting …

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reverse stockinette vs garter stitch - the two knitting stitch patterns close-up side by side

Reverse stockinette vs garter stitch

A handy little beginners guide to the difference between reverse stockinette stitch and garter stitch So, your pattern calls for reverse stockinette stitch and you are wondering what’s the big deal? Why knit it at all, and why not just knit in garter stitch instead of this reverse business? Is reverse stockinette the same as …

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a double knitting swatch where you can see both sides and two balls of yarn in the back ground

What is double knitting?

Everything you need to know about double-sided knitting. What it is, how it’s done, and how to use it. Did you read a pattern or saw a post online where they talking about double-sided knitting? A project that has no wrong side and two distinct sides of colorwork instead? And now you are wondering what …

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close-up of the garter stitch graft where you joined two mitered squares

Grafting garter stitch for beginners

A step-by-step tutorial on how to graft garter stitch. An easy method to close horizontal seams in an invisible way. Are you currently knitting a cowl or maybe a little baby set in garter stitch? And now you want to create an invisible horizontal seam to finish your projects? And this left you wondering about …

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fixing a dropped stitch in garter stitch with a crochet hook several rows down

How to fix a dropped stitch in garter stitch

A step-by-step tutorial on fixing mistakes when knitting garter stitch. How to pick up dropped stitches and fix holes. I begin by assuming you just dropped a stitch, you are in full panic mode, and you are afraid that you just ruined all your hard work. Nonsense! There is an easy way to rescue your …

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how to seam garter stitch with a blunt tapestry needle

Seaming garter stitch for beginners

A step by step tutorial on how to do the mattress stitch for garter stitch and joining two pieces together without a visible seam. You just finished a project and now it’s time to join two pieces together (or one flat piece in the round? But you don’t have a clue how to seam garter …

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counting garter stitch rows with a knitting needle

How to count garter stitch rows

A step by step tutorial showing you everything you need to know about counting garter stitch rows the right way So, I assume you are currently knitting a pattern and it tells you to finish a specific number of rows, right? But then you lost track and now you don’t know if knit enough row …

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two swatches in ribbing grafted together with a tapestry needle

How to graft 2×2 ribbing

A step by step tutorial showing you everything you need to know about grafting 2×2 ribbing The 2×2 rib stitch is one of the most popular knitting stitches patterns of them all. And it’s so versatile. But what can you do when you want to close the toes of ribbed socks or you want to …

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grafting knitting stitches with a tapestry needle (and various knitting tools in the background)

How to graft knitting stitches

Everything you need to know about grafting stitches in knitting and creating invisible seams Do you want to learn how to join two pieces of knitting together without a visible transition? Maybe you are knitting a cowl that needs to be joined in the round or want to close the toes of a pair of …

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