how to knit faster preview picture of somebody knitting with super slick metal needles

How to knit faster – 10 tips

10 actionable tips and fast knitting techniques anyone can employ to gradually increase your speed (continental & English style) Does it feel like your projects take forever to finish? And now you are wondering how to knit faster? Well, in this tutorial I will show you a couple of tricks and techniques, anyone can employ …

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close-up detail of the toes of the socks to get a better look a the stitch definition after blocking

Knitting socks with plastic-free yarn

Sharing my experience and thoughts about knitting socks with naturally dyed and plastic-free yarn, and why it matters If you look around my blog, you will find quite a lot of sock patterns (like my basic ribbed sock). I have never been a big fan of shawls. And so it’s probably no big surprise that …

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Is bind off the same as cast-off in knitting?

Everything you need to know about the difference between cast-off and bind-off I start by assuming, you are here because you came across a knitting term in your pattern you were confused about. You know how to bind off stitches, but the instructions say “cast-off”? So, is bind-off the same as cast-off? Yes, both terms …

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casting on stitches for a pair of socks - various finished socks in different sizes are in the background.

How many stitches to cast on for socks?

Everything you need to know about sock measurements and cast on requirements for the most common sizes – man or woman. Socks are one of the most popular knitting patterns. I certainly love making them. But there is one question you have to deal with whenever you start a new project: Just how many stitches …

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different knitted swatched showing their respective wrongs sides

Right side vs wrong side in knitting

How to tell the right side from the wrong side of a knitting project the easy way for beginners! Did you just start knitting? Maybe you successfully finished an easy beginner’s coaster in Garter stitch and now you want to begin a more complicated pattern. And suddenly there’s a distinction between knitting the right side …

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the knitted fingerless gloves from a different angle

How to knit fingerless gloves for beginners

A step by step tutorial on knitting fingerless gloves (thumbs included) – easy and free pattern suitable for absolute beginners Are you a knitting beginner and you want to make yourself some gloves? But you are scared because they do look intimidating? Well, no worries! You came to the right place because in this tutorial …

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A knitted swatch with jogless stripes in the round

Knitting jogless stripes in the round

A step by step tutorial on how to knit jogless stripes in the round the easy way – 4 different methods. Stripes are the easiest colorwork technique in knitting. Unlike intarsia or Fair isle, it doesn’t require any special joining techniques. But when you are knitting in the round things get a bit problematic. Every …

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the difference between intarsia vs fair isle as shown with two swatches

Intarsia Knitting vs Fair Isle – the difference explained

Knitting colorwork techniques 101: Everything you need to know about the difference between Intarsia and Fair Isle. Chances are high one of your first ever knitting projects was a scarf or a little coaster in garter stitch. Soon after you finished that you probably realized that you can add stripes to your knitting by alternating …

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Reading a knitting glossary with all the important terms and techniques

Knitting Terms and techniques – a Glossary

A massive list of all important knitting abbreviations, techniques, and terms compiled into one big glossary with tons of helpful links to tutorials Is there an abbreviation in your knitting pattern you don’t understand? Or did someone on social media say something you didn’t understand? Well, then you came to the right place. This glossary …

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