A knitted swatch with jogless stripes in the round

Knitting jogless stripes in the round

A step by step tutorial on how to knit jogless stripes in the round the easy way – 4 different methods. Stripes are the easiest colorwork technique in knitting. Unlike intarsia or Fair isle, it doesn’t require any special joining techniques. But when you are knitting in the round things get a bit problematic. Every …

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the difference between intarsia vs fair isle as shown with two swatches

Intarsia Knitting vs Fair Isle – the difference explained

Knitting colorwork techniques 101: Everything you need to know about the difference between Intarsia and Fair Isle. Chances are high one of your first ever knitting projects was a scarf or a little coaster in garter stitch. Soon after you finished that you probably realized that you can add stripes to your knitting by alternating …

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Reading a knitting glossary with all the important terms and techniques

Knitting Terms, Abbreviations, and techniques – a Glossary

A massive list of all important knitting abbreviations, techniques, and terms compiled into one big glossary with tons of helpful links to tutorials Is there an abbreviation in your knitting pattern you don’t understand? Or did someone on social media say something you didn’t understand? Well, then you came to the right place. This glossary …

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Reading a knitting chart

How to read knitting patterns

A step by step tutorial on reading knitting patterns and follow instructions the right way for beginners. Knitting is an amazing hobby. It helps you to create your own garments based on a couple of basic stitches and knit them in the size and color your want. While it is fairly easy to knit a …

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a knitting chart with a finished project next to it

How to read a knitting chart for beginners

A helpful tutorial on reading knitting charts the easy way so you can follow your pattern flawlessly. After your first couple of projects in garter stitch and other easy knitting stitch patterns, you finally decided to tackle a more complicated project. Congrats! Yet, now you realize the pattern has no written instructions and you have …

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a swatch in stockinette stitch curling at the edges and at the bottom

How to keep knitting from curling

A step-by-step tutorial on different ways to keep your stockinette stitch from curling in at the sides. You are currently working on a scarf or some other beautiful project and a few rows in you start to notice that it doesn’t keep its shape. And now you are wondering how to prevent that? Just how …

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measuring a long tail bind off

How much yarn do you need for a bind off?

Learn how to estimate the yarn requirements for a bind-off the right way. You are in the last row of your project, but there is only a small amount of yarn left. And now you are wondering just how much yarn you need for a bind-off, right? Time to play yarn chicken? Well, in this …

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a swatch knitted with intarsia in the round on a tabel

How to knit intarsia in the round

A step-by-step tutorial on knitting intarsia in the round without a seam using double-pointed needles. Intarsia is a great way to transfer pictures and other complex designs into knitting. But there is one major flaw: You need to knit it flat. Knit it in the round, and your bobbins will always be in the wrong …

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the wrong side of an intarsia project with two neatly joined color panels

Advanced Intarsia Knitting: 10 tips for better results

Helpful tips and tricks for knitters who want to perfect their intarsia knitting I’m sure you are aware of all the beautiful possibilities with intarsia knitting. But if you ever knitted a project before, then you probably know what a struggle it can be to get it to look neat. Juggling 10+ bobbins, keeping the …

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Intarsia knitting swatch with the letter N

How to knit intarsia

A detailed tutorial on how to do intarsia knitting for beginners. So, you saw a beautiful intarsia knitting pattern but you have no clue how to knit it? And now you want to master this amazing technique yourself? Well, then you came to the right place! In this tutorial, I am going to show you …

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