a couple of different hiya hiya interchangeable knitting needle sets on a table

Hiya Hiya interchangeable knitting needle review

A close-up review of the sharp, the steel, and the bamboo Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles Are you wondering about the HiyaHiya interchangeable knitting needles? Are they any good? Worth their money? Or should you rather buy a different set? Let’s find out! In this article, I’m going to present you with close-up macro shots of …

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different ergonomic knitting needles on a table

The best ergonomic knitting needles

Review of the most popular ergonomic knitting needles for arthritis & co – Prym, Addi, Knitter’s Pride, etc. Do you feel pain while knitting? Do your wrists or fingers hurt? Do you have arthritis or maybe chronic tendonitis? Well, then you definitely should look into ergonomic knitting needles. These, often weirdly shaped needles, can alleviate …

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yarn stored in airtight boxes made out of plastic

How to store yarn

A handy little guide with the best ways to store yarn for knitting and ideas to organize your stash You started knitting, over the last couple of months you acquired quite a huge stash, and now you are wondering how to store yarn and keep it out of harm’s way? Or is your stash so …

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different knitting needles sizes arrayed on a table

Knitting needle sizes

A handy little guide to knitting needle sizes including size chart for US, European, and Japanese needles. Are you looking for a chart that helps you convert metric sizes to US needle sizes? Or are you wondering why needle size matters and what is the best size for beginners? Then this page has all the …

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a color wheel made out of yarn skeins

How to choose yarn for knitting

A handy little masterclass showing you the best yarn for every project. How to choose color combinations, yarn weight, and materials the right way. So, you want to knit a scarf, a sweater, or some socks. And now you are wondering what’s the best wool for that kind of project? How do you choose yarn …

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a couple of skeins of fingering weight yarn stacked upon each other

What is fingering weight yarn

A close-up look at fingering weight yarn, recommended needle sizes, and patterns you can knit with it Your pattern calls for fingering weight yarn and you have no clue what it means? Then this little guide will tell you everything you need to know. Further down below, I will also give you a couple of …

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different yarns with labels on a desk and someone trying to read them

How to read yarn labels

Everything you need to know about reading yarn label symbols and what to do with the information So, you bought a lovely skein of yarn. And now you can’t figure out what all the various symbols mean? Or it’s the other way round, you are looking for a particular yarn but you just don’t know …

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a shelf with skeins of yarn in many different colors in a shop

What is a skein of yarn?

A helpful guide on what a skein of yarn is. What’s the difference between a hank and balls and the best way to use each of them. Ball, hank, or skein of yarn – before you embark on the wonderous fiber crafts journey, it probably all sounds the same to you. Or you don’t even …

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different double-pointed knitting needles up for review from different brands

The best double-pointed knitting needles

A detailed review of the most popular double-pointed knitting needles sets, their pros and cons and which ones you should buy Do you want to start knitting socks? Or are you not satisfied with your current ones? And now you are wondering which double-pointed knitting needles are the best. Which set should you buy? Then …

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