Learn how to knit – The free knitting school

Knitting is an amazing and incredibly satisfying hobby. But not everyone had the luck that grandma taught them how to knit. Well, thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to start this wonderful craft. On this page, I put together a very detailed free knitting course to help you out. I am going to be your knitting teacher and you can follow along through tons of videos, pictures, helpful texts, and knitting charts. I’m going to share my experience from 30+ years of knitting. All you need is some needles, yarn, and the willingness to learn!

Knitting tutorials for beginners: Step by step lessons to get you started

how to knit 2 stitches together - a sample patch on the needle with right leaning k2tog stitches

Lesson 1: Is knitting hard to learn? What to expect.

How long will it take for you to learn knitting and what you can (and what you cannot) expect of your first projects.

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different knitting needles in metal, wood, and carbon


A very detailed guide to finding the best knitting needles for beginners. Pros and cons of bamboo, and metal needles.

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different hanks and skeins of wool yarns in different colors

Lesson 3: The best knitting yarn for beginners

Everything you need to know about the different materials, weights, and how easy they are to knit

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the long tail cast on method on the needle

Lesson 4: How to cast on knitting stitches

A step by step tutorial on cast techniques for beginners. 3 easy methods you should know as you start out.

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Inserting the needle into the second loop to knit the second knit stitch

Lesson 5: How to knit the basic knit stitch

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make the most basic stitch step by step. Plenty of pictures and videos will teach you two easy methods in no time.

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A sample swatch knitted in garter stitch on the needles

Lesson 6: Your first project in Garter Stitch

By knitting in the knit stitch across all rows, you can create a wonderful elastic pattern. Here’s how.

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The last cast off stitch on the needle

Lesson 7: How to cast off knitting stitches

Once you finished your work you need to bind off the remaining stitches so they don’t unravel. Here’s how to do that properly.

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Wraping the yarn around the needle with your middle finger to purl

Lesson 8: How to knit the purl stitch

Time to learn your second stitch. A step by step tutorial to the purl stitch. Together with the knit stitch you’ll be able to access tons of new patterns.

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Working on a piece in stockinette stitch with a garter stitch edge

Lesson 9: How to knit the stockinette stitch

Now the real knitting starts! Everything you need to know about the smooth an incredibly versatile stockinette stitch. Combine a purl and a knit stitch.

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Lesson 10: Learn the rib stitch

The rib stitch is a very versatile pattern you can create once you mastered purl and knit stitches. It’s easy, trust me!

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grab the yarn and help along with your middle finger to k2tog

Lesson 11: How to knit two together

Sometimes you need to decrease the width of your work. That’S when you need to knit two stitches together. Here is how

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wrap the yarn counter clockwise around the right needle once to yarn over

Lesson 12: How to yarn over

The easiest increase of them all. By throwing the yarn over the needle, you can increase your row by one stitch.

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A close-up of a swatch in teal cotton knitted in the irish moss stitch pattern on brown hardwood knitting needles

Lesson 13: The Irish Moss Stitch

A very popular pattern for scarfs, baby blankets and very easy for beginners.

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knitting the double moss stitch pattern

Lesson 14: The Double Moss Stitch

An easy reversible knitting pattern for scarfs, hats or washcloths.

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A brioche stitch knitting sample pattern

Lesson 15: Extra fluffy – the Brioche stitch

Perfect for scarfs and wraps & easy for beginners.

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the finished ssk stitch on the right needle

Lesson 16: Knitting decreases: SSK

Slip, slip, knit is the left leaning counterpart to k2tog often used on the left side of a garment. Here’s how:

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Make one right with a right slanted loop picked up

Lesson 17: Knitting Increases – M1R and M1L

The most popular knitting increase. Make one right and Make one left are easy to knit and look good! Here’s how:

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Top view of a M1R stitch

Lesson 18: How to Knit through back loop

An advanced technique used in twisted rib stitches and to close eyelets. You can also untwist twisted stitches with it.

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Insert the needle from the back of the loop to the front

Lesson 19: PTBL – Purl through back loop

Slip, slip, knit is the left leaning counterpart to k2tog often used on the left side of a garment. Here’s how:

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lift the stitch 2 rows below on your left needle for the kll increase

Lesson 20: Invisible increase: KLL

Knit through left loop is my favorite knitting increase for stockinette stitch and almost invisible.

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Lesson 21: Zig Zag rib Stich

A funky rib with fabulous 3-d effects. Not that easy to knit, but so worth the effort!

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