Cute little carrot knitting pattern

A step by step carrot knitting pattern suitable for knitting beginners

Easter is in a couple of weeks. This year, everything will be different. As children, we used to search for easter eggs in the garden, but after the lockdown things look rather bleak in that regard. But maybe that’s all the more reason to pay extra attention to decorating your house.

I wanted to create something special for this holiday but at the same time wanted it to be timeless, so you don’t feel silly still not having cleaned things up a week after Good Friday. That’s how I came up with this little carrot pattern. It’s really easy to knit and only requires you to know the very knitting basics.

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A cute little toy carrot knitting pattern for beginners

It’s a very small project, so you can easily use any left-over yarns. The best part, it takes less than an hour to finish each carrot. So, why not knit a couple of them to get a fill farmer market basket with them.

I posted this picture on my private Facebook page and so many asked me for the pattern. As I do have some spare time (let’s all hope this is over soon), I created a very detailed step-by-step pattern for this and uploaded it to Ravelry.

A step by step carrot knitting pattern for beginners

Do you want to try my pattern? Make sure to upload your finished works to Ravelry or tag me on social media. I would love to see how your carrots turned out!

What you need:

    The pattern I created is very detailed. Even if you are a beginner, you will find it very easy to follow. There is literally an instruction for every single stitch and lots of pictures to go along with it.

    A sample of my carrot knitting pattern
    This is just 5 of the pages filled with instructions you can expect of my pattern!
    Get the pattern on Ravelry

    Anyways, that’s all from me for now. And happy knitting!


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    An easy carrot knitting pattern for beginners to download pdf

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    1. In your pattern for row 6 and 10, it says to knit KKL which I have no idea what that could be even after googling, so currently, I’m just assuming it’s a typo and should say KLL like all the others.


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