Free cable hat knitting pattern: Into the Wild

A step by step pattern for a beautiful cable knit hat for with a contrasting pop pom

A while ago I finished my beautiful cable cowl “Into the desert” and I’m so in love with this cuddly design. It certainly gained quite some attention on Ravelry, much to my delight. I had 4 more skeins left of the luxurious camel hair yarn from Pascuali, and so I started designing a matching cable hat pattern.

A close up of my cable knit hat with the cable cowl in the background

It took a bit of tinkering to get the cables of the original design to converge towards a pom pom but I think I found a lovely solution, and I’m really satisfied with how it turned out. Over the years, the lovely community of knitters gave me so much and I feel now is the time to give back. So, I’m going to share the pdf pattern with all my newsletter subscribers for free. All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll send the pattern straight to your inbox, so you can save it for later or print it right away.

[Free] Cable hat pattern
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my cable hat "into the wild" on a wooden tray.

This was quite an easy knit, though it requires some patience with all the cable stitches (read my tutorial on how to cable without a cable needle). I’d say, it’s not a pattern for beginners but it looks way more complicated than it actually is (still, here’s how to knit a hat for beginners). You do, however, need to be able to read a knitting chart.

Here are some stats:

  • Wool: Pascuali Cairo Color 01 (Double Knit, 95 grams or 190 meters / 208 yards; now discontinued)
  • Size M: (56-60 cm in circumference; can be adjusted to other sizes)
  • Knit in the round on circular needles size 4
  • Time to completion: around 10 hours

I really, really love the softness of the camel hair yarn. Unlike cashmere, the stitches remain refined enough to really show the cables. It appears a bit grey in pictures but it’s actually more greyish-brown. That being said, I guess knitting this pattern with a nice DK wool will make the cables pop out even more.

My cable hat knitting pattern into the wild from above

I went for a contrasting pom-pom. First of all, who doesn’t like a little sprinkle of color? And then, of course, pom poms are true yarn eaters and I didn’t feel like “wasting” half a skein for $20 USD on something that doesn’t get direct skin contact. I substituted it with red alpaca yarn and I feel it worked really well. Alpacas are camelids as well, after all, but the yarn is quite a bit cheaper. Not dead cheap obviously but you can find a nice bargain here and there.

My partner wearing my cable knit hat
Convinced a certain someone to model my hat for you

When I started knitting this cable hat, I was really torn between designing a folded brim or not. It can look awesome but I guess it really depends on the form of the head. After some trials, I decided against it. I felt it wouldn’t look good on me and obviously it will eat away a big chunk of yarn as well. That begin said, it’s super easy to adjust my pattern to create a wider brim. Just add a couple of more rows in the twisted rib stitch.

cable knit hat free pattern

Oh, and of course you can knit this hat with either dpns or the magic loop technique. I personally went for later and only changed to a needle set at the very top. I am usually a big fan of double-pointed knitting needles and don’t like the unavoidable laddering magic loop creates. But with so many cables, it’s just easier to knit with two needles instead of 4 dangling around.

Anyways, without further ado, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter and get my cable hat pattern “Into the Wild” for free and sent directly to your inbox.

[Free] Cable hat pattern
Subscribe to my newsletter and get a unique cable hat pattern as a welcome gift.
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sideway view of the cable pattern on my knit hat "into the wild"

And for those who need some hard numbers, materials used, and the knitting techniques you need, here’s some further information:

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Knitting techniques used:

This pattern is knit in the round using double-pointed needles. Magic loop is a very viable alternative as well (and actually better for the lower part). You will also need to know how to read a knitting chart. In short, it’s suitable for intermediate knitters.

You can also add this pattern to your queue on Ravelry here.

I hope you enjoyed this cable hat knitting pattern. Feel free to comment with your questions or success stories!

A free cable knit hat pattern
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10 thoughts on “Free cable hat knitting pattern: Into the Wild”

  1. Hey, Norman! love the Celtic look of this avail pattern! I’m not entirely sure I understand the steps ‘After round 15’…I think you simply copied the instructions from the cowl for the hat as well based off what I see here:

    It also shows this similar discrepancy ‘After row 22’…I’m not that experienced & do not understand what/why this is necessary…

    Thanks again for your expertise & pattern! I cannot wait to finish this hat for my husband who loves Celtic knots! I too am using baby camel wool from these folk in burnt copper color

    • Because the cables are offset by a couple of stitches and then the cable stitches would cross the border of the chart and you’d have to do cables between two needles- which would be just as confusing. You literally only need to knit 6 stitches as they appear.
      if that sounds too complicated for you, maybe start with an easier cable project first?

      • Sadly, I’m unable to upload an image to show you what I mean. Your knitting pattern values do not match the pattern. I think it should be:

        – “After round 29”
        – “After round 43”

        I’m confused as to why you “just knit across the first 6 stitches (k4, p2) and slip them back on the previous needle.” I do not think this is too complicated, like I said think the values do not match your new chart made for this hat. Thanks for your prompt response!

        • Hey Keisha, you are absolutely right. It should be after round 29 and 43. I have no clue why nobody ever messaged me. So many have finished this pattern already. ha! and I did it a couple of times as well. thank you for adding that.

  2. Row 61 Stitch 20 should show p2tog tbl but depicts a purl stitch. Other than those minor edits this pattern is amazing! It was so much fun to create & looks so unique! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I was hoping to be able to get a copy of this pattern but I am already subscribed to the group. So how can I get a copy of it now.? Please I would really like to try to make it.

  4. Good day Norman, first I want to thank you for upping my skills. You are fantastic and patient beyond words.
    I am doing the hat but switching to the cowl. I think the transition will be fine, I’m currently at row 29, they look similar.
    Why I’m switching is it’ll be easy for this first attempt at “chart”, of which when you get it! It’s fantastic. (Your tutorial)
    I am still confused with the green areas, I I thought I just continued the row 29, beginning: Sl2 to CN hold in back, p2, at end: p4 sl2 to cn hold in front p2. Can you confirm?
    Because comments are saying different .
    Thanks so much, much honour


    • Some of the comments here are from older version of the chart.
      No, you slip two, hold in back knit two, knit two from cable needle. There are no “dots” in the cable, thus it’s no purl cable cross.
      Same applies to the end where you would do it exactly the other way round. At least if we are talking about row 29 of the cable hat chart and only the cable symbols.


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