Fly Agaric mushroom knitting pattern:

A realistic knitted Fly Agaric for those who enjoy autumn and challenging knits

Do you want to knit a little mushroom but you are not really satisfied with the way most patterns look like? Too kitschy? Not detailed enough? Well, then you are like me because this was more or less the starting point for this fly agaric pattern. I too wanted something that looked like the real thing – cute but not a caricature.

Also available in my Ravelry store

This is a super detailed knitting pattern for a fly agaric that comes with two different versions. The pdf has 12 pages full of big pictures and easy-to-understand written instructions. There was an extensive test knit and there are tutorials available for all techniques you need here on my blog.

The mushrooms are knit in the round on 2.00 mm needles using lace yarn and it will take about 8-12 hours to finish the larger specimen and around 3-4 hours for the smaller version. They are knit in one piece without a seam, though you will have to embroider the dots after you finished.

It took me a full year to develop this pattern. If you look around my Instagram page, you will see a previous version of this pattern. While nice, I wasn’t perfectly satisfied with the transition between gills and cap – and some of it was just too difficult to knit on top of that. And I wanted something that is accessible to a wide range of knitters and looks beautiful!

Getting the shape of the cap right took probably 8 attempts, and I am not even joking. For some reason, I’ve got it into my head that I wanted the gills to dive/converge into the center (the real amanitas have a hemispherical shape as well), but that proved to be quite difficult without showing the increases and, usually, knitting just doesn’t behave like that when stuffed.

But all the nerves and time this knitting pattern cost me really paid off. I’m just so satisfied with how they turned out. They really look like the real deal, don’t you think?

Size & Gauge

My finished fly agaric is around 13 cm (5 in) tall and the cap is around 11 cm (4.3 in) wide. The smaller specimen is only 9 cm (3.5 in) tall and 5 cm (2in) wide. These dimensions will depend a bit on how tall you knit the stipe and how light or tight you stuff the finished mushrooms. My gauge for a 2,5 x 2,5 cm swatch in flat stockinette stitch is 10 stitches x 13 rows.

Knitting techniques

All in all the mushroom is not too difficult to knit. There are a lot of twisted stitches to shape the gills. And of course there are those 2.00 mm needles and the lace yarn. But overall, that’s nothing any intermediate knitter wouldn’t be able to deal with. Here are the techniques you need to know:

Click on the links to access the (video) tutorials for all these techniques or go through my free knitting school. I’m expanding it constantly and almost all important stitches and techniques are explained in great detail with lots of high-resolution pictures and videos. You may start with my guide on how to knit in the round with double-pointed needles.

Materials you will need for this Fly agaric knitting pattern

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  • 70 m (76 yd) of the Wollmeise lace in white & 50 meters (54 yd) in a light fingering red color.
  • Double-Pointed Knitting needles 2.0 mm. Frequent readers probably already know that I am a huge fan of the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz because they are the only ones that don’t end up crooked after 5 minutes.
  • A tapestry needle and scissors.
  • Toy stuffing
  • A crochet hook 2mm (optional)
  • (Blocking) pins

While I knit on dpns, I am reasonably sure you can also finish it using magic loop. And, if you don’t mind a larger finished project, you can knit using bigger needles and heavier yarn as well.

preview of the fly agaric mushroom knitting pattern
Preview of the pattern

All in all, these mushrooms will be a fun challenge and a lovely way to decorate your home. The two available sizes will give you the chance to practice with the smaller specimen first and then proceed to the larger version. It will also provide you with many different ways to style your finished work.

(or in my Ravelry store)

Anyway, that’s my fly agaric knitting pattern. Comment below in case you have any questions.

a very realistic fly agaric knitting pattern knit in the round

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