Cute little pumpkin egg cozy knitting pattern

A free knitting pattern for a cute eggy cozy in the shape of a pumpkin using scrap sock yarn – perfect Halloween.

Are you like me? I just love a good Sunday breakfast. Okay, let’s be real here, brunch! Breakfast makes it sound like I only had a toast and a cup of tea *smirk*. And what would be brunch without eggs? Nothing, I assure you! So, to get your guests or family into Halloween mood, I put together a little pumpkin egg cozy knitting pattern for you.

If you are already following me on Instagram, then you might have seen a couple of drafts and I’m really excited about the results.

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a set table with a knitted pumpkin egg cozy in the middle

It took a while to get down the perfect shape but now I’m madly in love with these itsy bitsy Halloween decorations. If you look around my blog you will also see instructions for a pumpkin patch and even a great pumpkin monster.

a row of pumpkin egg cozies on a breakfast table

I swear, I didn’t do any blocking or other magic. The egg cozies you see on the pictures came right off the needles. Not sure if it’s my “next level” knitting skills, happenstance, or the Wollmeise yarn, but I’ll take it!

Okay, I lied, I weaved in the ends for once before taking the first picture 😉

close-up of the finished pumpkin egg cozy knitting pattern

The best part about these egg cozies is that you’ll barely need 2 hours to finish one and it only uses 7 grams of yarn. Because it’s knit in the round on very small needles (2.00 mm) it’s maybe not the best Netflix knitting pattern, though.

But I personally always have at least two projects on my needle – on easy tv knit and one to keep me challenged. The perfect mix, if you ask me.

Materials needed:

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the knitting materials needes for this eggy cozy knitting pattern
  • 7 grams of the Wollmeise Twin (in the colors Good morning and Pistazie) or any other fingering sock yarn scraps for needles size 2.5 – 3.00 mm.
  • Double-Pointed Knitting needles 2.0 mm. Frequent readers probably already know that I am a huge fan of the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz because they are the only ones that don’t end up crooked after 5 minutes.
  •  A tapestry needle and scissors.
  • Stitch markers (optional)

Knitting techniques involved

knitting these pumpkin egg cozy pattern

This egg cozy knitting pattern is meant for intermediate knitters who already have a good understanding of the most common increases and decreases. But, as I am providing you with step-by-step tutorials for all the techniques and stitches, I’m sure anyone past their first project can finish them with a bit of patience.

These cozies are knit in the round on a set of 5 double-pointed needles. If you still need to do some catching up, here’s my tutorial on knitting in the round. You might also check out my blogpost with 10 tips for better results with dpns.

enjoying breakfast with a knitted pumpkin egg cozy as the center piece

While I’m sure the egg cozy will fit most eggs and most eggcups, I made sure to provide you with easy to follow instructions on how to alter it to fit different sizes.

This pattern is written instructions only. There’s no chart (might provide one later) but I’m not sure it’s really needed. It’s only about 40 rows of knitting. But download the pattern and you’ll see what I mean.

[Free] Download this egg cozy pattern
All my newsletter subscribers will get this cute little pumpkin egg cozy pattern as a free welcome gift straight to their inbox.
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Anyways, that’s it. That’s my cute little pumpkin egg cozy knitting pattern. Feel free to comment below with your questions and I’m sure we’ll find a solution together.

pumpkin egg cozy knitting pattern3

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  1. Hi Norman!

    Congrats to your site, I am so happy I have found it. I would like to know if you have your mushrooms patterns ready to download? I am interested in the Fly Agaric and the chanterelle ones. Thanks! XO

    • Hey Anett,
      I’m sorry. I did not find the time to put these patterns together yet. I have my notes, but I didn’t see all that much interesting these patterns to warrant the effort.
      Do I get the impression you would love to test knit them? 😛


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