Santa Claus Potholder Knitting Pattern

A free potholder knitting pattern that looks like Santa Claus – reversible

It’s only 2 days until Christmas and this year’s holidays will be different than any I celebrated before. My parents and I will be celebrating together without any relatives and without any of the customary visits to the neighbors, etc. As a result, we will probably spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and cooking. That’s why I came up with this little Santa Claus potholder knitting pattern.

santa claus potholder knitting pattern decorated on a wooden tray

Unlike so many of my other free patterns, this one is quite easy. It’s basically double stockinette stitch all the way – changing colors every couple of rows. You see, I wanted something reversible that didn’t require you to knit in the round. I feel it looks a bit weird if a potholder only has one side. On top of that, an extra layer can’t hurt when you are touching hot things with it, eh?

It only took me about 2 hours to finish this and you will only need a bit of scrap yarn. So, I’m sure you will be able to finish it in time as well. I know, I’m a bit late releasing this pattern. But quite frankly, I only came up with the idea yesterday.

That’s why I didn’t have the time to create a downloadable pdf yet (like I always do). But as the pattern is really simple, I’m sure you will manage.

Materials you will need:

knitting a potholder pattern for christmas

Potholder knitting pattern

A free potholder knitting pattern in the shape of a Santa Clause for christmas

This Santa Claus potholder is knit flat on two needles (so, no need to learn any complicated double knitting techniques). I do recommend you to keep a tight tension, though, as the double stockinette stitch tends to loosen up quite a bit.

  1. Cast on 34 stitches
  2. Row 1-18: *Purl 1, Slip 1 with yarn in front* using the white yarn
  3. Row 19-21: change to the sand-colored yarn and *knit 1, sl1wyif*
  4. Row 22-23: [k1, sl1wyif] 8 times, create a bobble*, sl1wyif, [k1, sl1wyif] 8 times
  5. Row 24-38: continue in *k1, sl1wyif*
  6. Row 39-40: Switch to the white yarn and *k1, sl1wyif*
  7. Row 41-46: *p1, sl1wif*
  8. Row 47-66: Switch to the red yarn *k1, sl1wyif*
  9. Bind off all stitches

*Instructions for the bobble: Kfbf (increasing by 2), turn the work around, p3, turn around again k3. Then knit across 3 more rounds and then k3tog centered.

Once you are finished, create a hanger with a crochet hook by crocheting a couple of chain stitches. Use a tapestry needle to close the loop and weave in the ends through the bind-off edge.

For the beard, cut 32 strands of the white yarn (each around 5 inches long). Then, use the tapestry needle and attach two strands below each purl stitch of the first row using a simple hitch knot. (So, simple scarf fringes). Use a comb (or your fingers) to straighten out the fringes of the beard and then cut them into shape according to your preferences – either straight or rounded at the edges.

close-up santa claus potholder knitting pattern

I did the eyes with some black scrap yarn doing simple french knots (wrapped 4 times). I didn’t weave in the tails but rather tied a knot through one of the french knots and cut it off directly.

Last, but not least, weave in the tails. It’s a bit more difficult than usual as the potholder has two sides. For the purl sections, I recommend you to go horizontally between the ribs connecting the purl stitches. And for the stocking stitch sections, I would stretch out two ribs vertically and go upwards (or downwards) through the little strands connecting the stitches (the same you would use for a mattress stitch).


santa claus potholder knitting pattern for free

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