How to knit M1PR – Make one purl right

A step-by-step tutorial on knitting m1pr. A super easy right-leaning increase for the wrong side.

Your pattern calls for knitting a M1PR and you have to clue what it means? Or, do you want to know how to create a right-leaning decrease from the wrong side? Then keep on reading because this tutorial is all about it.

close-up shot of the wrong side of a knitted swatch increased with m1pr
The wrong side of a swatch increased with M1PR

M1PR means Make One Purl Right and you knit it into the strand between two stitches. Typically, this knitting increase is used on the purl side of your project. When seen from the right side, it looks exactly like a M1R. There’s also a corresponding left-leaning increase called M1PL.

the right side of a knitted swatch increased with m1pr
The right side of the very same swatch

Let’s show you how to knit it and dive right into it, eh?

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How to knit M1PR

close-up of a a knitted swatch increased with m1pr

You knit Make One Purl right into the strand between two stitches to create a right-leaning increase. As a result, there needs to be at least one stitch to the left and the right. Usually, this is done on the right side.

Active Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute


  1. Pick up the strand between two stitches coming from the back and lift it back to the left needle. The resulting loop should lean towards the right.

    picking up the strand between two stitches coming from behind to start the m1pl
  2. Insert your right needle through the front of that extra loop. The working yarn should be in front of your work as well.

    inserting the right needle into the front loop of the extra loop
  3. Wrap the working yarn around your needle counter-clockwise.

    wrapping the yarn around the needle counter-clockwise
  4. Pull the working yarn through towards the back.

    pulling the yarn through to finish the m1pl
  5. And drop the stitch off your left needle to finish the M1PR.

    dropping the finished stitch off the needles


To memorize this increase, it helps to understand that it's called Make one purl right. So the loop you pick up needs to lean towards the right as well. And the resulting increase will be right-leaning. Using sharp needles and knitting close to the tips usually makes it a bit easier to knit it.

Which way does M1PR slant?

You know what I really don’t like about most knitting books. They define the slant of a purl increase by its appearance on the wrong side. While you can use M1PR to achieve a certain effect on the right side, sometimes you really want to achieve something on the purl side.

wrong side of a swatch increased with m1pr on both sides to see its lean
A swatch increased with M1PR on both sides

So, kindly take a look at the swatch above. I increased it using Make One Purl Right four stitches removed from the edge on both sides (So p4, m1pr, purl…,m1pr, p4). While this is certainly up to personal preferences, I would say that it looks neater when used on the right side of a project. And thus I would definitely say it’s a right-leaning increase for the wrong side.

right side of a swatch increased with m1pr on both sides to see the different decrease lines
The right side of the same swatch

Now, how do things look like on the knit side? Well, I would say that’s up for debate. Technically speaking, it is a right-leaning decrease here as well. And it creates the exact same increase line as M1R.

That being said, due to my individual purl tension and the reversed knitting direction, the resulting stitch looks slightly different nonetheless. And I’m actually inclined to say I prefer the left-leaning side of M1PR.

I leave it up to you. Maybe knit a little swatch yourself and check how things look for you. At the end of the day, I do believe there is no right or wrong in knitting. You get to define what appeals to you. But the textbook answer would probably be M1PR is a right-leaning increase.

Anyway, that’s everything you need to know about knitting M1PR. Comment below if you still have any questions.

how to knit m1pr - make one purl right increase

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