How to knit the loop stitch

A detailed tutorial on the loop stitch knitting pattern (plus alternatives)

The loop stitch, also known as the flokati stitch, is a super simple 1-stitch repeat. It creates a voluminous fabric that resembles towels or handwoven carpets. It can be a fun stitch pattern for anything from scrubbers to pillows, and even toys (think of hairs, etc).

side view of a swatch finished with the loop stitch
A swatch knitted in the loop stitch

The loop stitch is a non-reversible fabric. It’s basically a base of stockinette stitch with loops layered on top of it. It’s also quite the yarn eater and works best for slightly fuzzy yarns – especially if you want to cut open the loops later on (to create fringes, fake fur, etc).

wrong side of a swatch knitted with the loop stitch
The wrong side of a swatch embellished with the loop stitch

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Instructions: How to knit the loop stitch

someone knitting the loop stitch pattern

The loop stitch is a simple 1-stitch repeat. You always knit one row of loops and purl across the wrong side.

You can cast on any number of stitches but I recommend one selvage stitch on either side if you are knitting flat.

Active Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes


  1. Knit into the first stitch on the left needle.

    knitting into the first stitch on the left needle
  2. Don't drop the loop. Keep it on the left needle.

    keeping the stitch on the left needle without dropping
  3. Bring the working yarn to the front.

    bringin the working yarn to the front for the loop stitch
  4. Wrap the working yarn around your left thumb.

    wrapping the working yarn around the thumb
  5. Bring the working yarn to the back again.

    bringing the working yarn to the back again
  6. Knit into the stitch that is still on the left needle one more time.

    knitting one more time into the same stitch
  7. Next, pass the second stitch on your right needle over the first (just like a normal bind-off).

    passing the second stitch over the first like a bind-off
  8. Repeat these steps for the loop stitch. Purl across the wrong side.


For an extra bit of security, you can also slip the resulting two stitches on the left and the right side of your loop back to the left needle and then knit them through the back loop. This will be a bit bulkier but also a bit more secure (in case you want to cut the loops open to create fringes).

You can easily create longer loops by wrapping the yarn around your thumb more than just once.

I also need to mention that the loop stitch is kind of uncomfortable to knit. I definitely recommend taking frequent breaks. It’s also a bit fiddly. If you can’t comfortably wrap the yarn around your thumb, know that you can also wrap it around anything else. Maybe your middle finger is easy. Even a knitting thimble can work!

Anyway, that’s how to knit the loop stitch. Comment below if you have any questions

how to knit the loop stitch pattern - step by step tutorial

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