One move SSK

A neater and faster way to knit an SSK in one move

By popular acclaim, SSK is most knitters’ favorite left-leaning decrease. It’s relatively easy and relatively neat. However, it also involves three steps. It’s called “slip, slip, knit” for a reason. What if I told you you can achieve similar results in one move only?

one move left-leaning decrease shown on a swatch laying on a table

The one-move SSK also leans to the left and some say it’s the neatest left-slanting decreases of them all. While results will depend a bit on your tension and your knitting style, there’s certainly no denying that this technique can be super-efficient. Let’s show you how to knit it!

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Instructions: How to knit the one-move SSK

a knitted swatch decreased with the one move ssk

This left-leaning decrease employs a little trick to work through two stitches at the same time. It's a bit fiddly at first but can be very rewarding.

Active Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute


  1. Enter the next stitch on the left needle knitwise.

    entering the first stitch knitwise to start the one move ssk
  2. While keeping the first stitch on the left needle, enter the second stitch on the left needle through the backloop (this will automatically twist the first stitch).

    entering the second stitch through the back loop with the first still on the needle
  3. Pivot your right needle towards the right side (essentially enlarging the left loop) and wrap the working yarn around the needle counter-clockwise.

    reaching around to wrap the yarn around the needle counter-clockwise
  4. Pull the yarn through the little triangular hole at the bottom of both stitches. It can be a bit tight. It helps if you secure the stitch with your right index finger as you try to pull through.

    pulling the yarn through both stitches at the same time
  5. Drop both stitches off the left needle and tighten up to finish the one-move ssk.

    having dropped both stitches off the left needle

It’s important to note that the one-move SSK is structurally slightly different. When worked the way I showed you above, the second stitch will not be balanced but twisted. It’s the same as knitting an SSPK. For a lot of people, this looks a bit neater.

As a result, I’d rather propose the name “one-move SSPK” or maybe “one move left-leaning decrease”. I personally prefer what I dubbed “k2tog-left“. While it may involve 2 more steps, the results are quite a bit neater for me.

close-up of a swatch decreased with the one-move ssk

Anyway, that’s how to knit the one-move SSK. Comment below with your questions

how to knit the one move ssk - step by step

2 thoughts on “One move SSK”

  1. Dear Norman
    I love to see your instruction video’s, you are a very well teatcher thank you very much deep regards from Katinka Belgium

  2. Thank you so much for clear videos and your friendly narration. I am 46 and have been knitting for 35 years and had never come across this method for decreasing. I like your term “k2tog. left” because it perfectly describes the appearance of the stitch. Finally a decrease that will make raglan shoulders look symmetrical!


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