Lykke Cypra interchangeable knitting needle set review

A detailed review of the Lykke Cypra copper needles. Are these sets worth it?

The first time I saw the Lykke Cypra needles online, I was utterly awestruck. That glossy copper sheen seemed to shout “buy me”. But of course, the questions remained whether I really needed another interchangeable knitting needle set and whether these were actually any good.

lykke cypra interchangeable knitting needle set on a table all propped up

Let me assure you, all in all, I think the Lykke Cypra needles offer a fair value to the right knitter. It’s a well-made product with unique qualities that sets it apart from other needle sets.

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The Lykke Crypa set: an overview

the brown fake suede pouch of the lykke cypra set

Each Cypra sets comes in a spacious and sturdy fabric pouch that is reminiscent of suede. There is a big inner compartment closed with a button and a smaller one on the outside with a zipper.

The standard sets come with 12 interchangeable knitting needle tips starting at US size 3 (or 3.25 mm) all the way up to US size 10.5 (or 8mm). European knitters might find it somewhat disappointing that no 3.00 mm tips are included. In fact, they are not even available at all.

full content of the lykke cypra interchangeable knitting needle set with all accessories spread out on the table

There is, however, a smaller version of the Crypra sets with only 9 pairs of needles. This could be the better option for knitters like me who basically never use those large sizes

The sets are available with the standard 5″ tips (better for larger hands), and, somewhat odd, with a length of 3.5″ tips. Some knitters might find the smaller version a bit too small. Other brands typically offer 4″ tips. So, if you are used to these, I’d lean towards the larger option.

The big sets come with 5 cables, 2 connectors, 4 keys, and 8 cable stoppers. If you compare this to other brands and other sets, you’ll notice that this is quite a bit more than the average (the industry “standard” seems to be 4 cables, 2 keys, and 4 stoppers).

On the negative side: You don’t get any other accessories. There are no stitch markers, scissors, needle gauge, and other such notions included at all. An experienced knitter will probably have plenty of spares at home already. A beginner, who wants to buy their first set, might miss them.

side view of the lykke copper needles

I would also like to highlight that I really like the fact that the rubber bands holding the needles are so generously wide. Unlike with many other brands, the tips will never come flying when you open the set. Why there’s a velcro thingie to prop up the needles is mostly beyond me. Maybe it makes accessing the tips a bit easier for some.

an open compartment for accessories

Overall, the bags are nice albeit a bit largeish and bulky. I wish the needle size was printed on or near the respective slots. It would facilitate finding the right size tremendously.

The needle tips

close-up of the lykke cypra interchangeable tips

The most important part of any knitting needle set are the tips. Where other brands offer multiple options, Lykke provides these copper needles in only one sharpness. I’d rank the tips as medium sharp.

comparing the Lykke Cypra tips with knitter's pride, chiaogoo, addi, and hiyahiya

They are just as pointy as any other Knitter’s Pride needle and the taper is just as long. Compared to ChiaoGoo or HiyaHiya, you’d probably think they are almost blunt with a somewhat short taper.

the tips of the lykke cyrpa needles under magnification - you can see slight lines

Under magnification, you can see that the tips are not entirely smooth and show some sort of rings or striations. This creates a sort of gritty feeling while knitting. As you continue to use the needles, your yarn might polish them gradually but the extra resistance will always be a bit noticeable.

Overall, I would say that the tips are perfect for simpler patterns but maybe less suitable for lace and intricate cablework. Knitters who push their tips a lot while knitting will appreciate the slightly blunter tips as well.

The stalk & overall knitting qualities

lykke crypra needles in the slots of the pouch

The full body of the needles is made from copper. There is, as far as I can tell, no coating and I don’t think it would make any sense either. A coating would just create a barrier that would nullify any positive characteristics of the precious metal.

lykke cyrpa copper needles under magnification - you can see small scratches and dents

Copper is antibacterial and an excellent conductor of heat. This makes this set potentially perfect for people with arthritis. While I don’t suffer from such ailments, I do have to note that they rest well and warm in my hands.

On the negative side, copper will tarnish over time. Depending on the pH value of your skin (some people have acidic skin), they might also emit a coppery smell on top of that. While you can polish the needles, you will see your set acquiring a patina over time.

Some people like that others don’t. That’s not for me to decide. But fear not: unless being exposed to sulfur or you store them outside, they won’t develop full-blown verdigris.

Other than that, be aware that copper is a somewhat softer metal. Your tips will acquire little dents and scratches over time and the smaller sizes may end up crooked as well.

Under magnification, you will see that the body of those needles is not 100% smooth to begin with. They offer a noticeable resistance that slows down your knitting experience. This can, of course, be a pro or a con.

I would place them somewhere in between bamboo needles and metal. So, if you’ve ever felt that stainless steel needles were too slippery for you but you don’t want wooden needles, these could be quite perfect.

The joins

close-up of the bronze connector piece at the end of the needles

The Lykke needles are produced by the same brand that also produces Knitter’s Pride/KnitPro needles. As a result, the tips and cables are interchangeable with all sets from that brand (and of course all other Lykke needles). Therefore offering almost unlimited possibilities.

On the negative side, this also means that the join is not 100% perfect. While reasonably smooth, your fingernail will definitely catch. I never really noticed it while knitting. Whenever you push new stitches to the knitting needles, you will notice a slight resistance but I found it to be reasonable and not overly annoying.

close-up of the engraving of the needle size on the join lykke cypra - very small and barely visible

The very end of the needles is made out of some sort of white bronze (probably because the screw needs to be quite a bit harder than copper). The needle size is engraved in this tiny little end piece. While that is nice, I wish the letters were bigger. Without a magnification device, it’s almost impossible to read that.

The cables

three see-through plastic cables on a wooden table

The plastic cables are see-through. A fact that I personally appreciate as it makes reading the last row of your project a bit easier. They are also reasonably thick (the thinner a cable, the more likely it is to distort stitches) and quite flexible. If you prefer to knit traveling magic loop, I’d see no issue with these cables at all.

someone testing the flexibility of the lykke crypra cables

All 5 cables that come with the set are swivel cables. While plastic always curls a bit (and these Lykke cables or no exception), the swivel join definitely helps to prevent the more egregious cases.

The longest cable in the set is 40″ long. Since there are also two connectors, you can easily join in one (or both) of the 32″ cables that are also part of the set and create a cable that is long enough to hold even the biggest blanket or table cloth.

a connector attached to two cables

The connectors are, however, somewhat large. Since they, through their very nature, will introduce two additional joins that will slightly catch the yarn, I do feel they are less suitable for large projects knit in the round where the curved nature pronounces the gaps even further.

On a positive note: I do find the join to be incredibly secure and tight. While it will depend a bit on your knitting style and techniques, I do believe this set could be an option for people who constantly have problems with their joins coming undone mid-row.

Summary of my Lykke cypra review

As I said in the introduction, I do feel the Lykke Cypra needles are well worth their price. A full set currently costs a bit more than 100 USD. With 12 needles and 5 cables, it is a lot less expensive than quite some other popular brands.

Also, no not forget that copper is a precious metal and quite a bit more expensive than stainless steel.

Personally speaking, I do feel that the tips are bit too blunt and grippy for my liking. I also wish the body was a bit smoother. While I don’t mind the slight tarnishes that developed over time at all, I don’t see much personal benefit from having copper in my hands either.

I do enjoy the fact that these sets are interchangeable with so many other Lykke sets and all the many Knitter’s Pride products. However, I do wish 2.5 or 3.00 mm needles were available. As it is, you would have to switch to a different set or brand to access these sizes. There are also no other accessories and notions available at all.

As a result, I am inclined to say that the Crypra sets are not all that suitable for first-time buyers. There are other sets that can be expanded more freely and offer more variability later on.

For anyone who is reasonably sure of their knitting habits and prefers needles with a bit more drag and slightly blunter tips, the Lykke Cypra needles could be perfect. They are a lovely addition in between super slick stainless steel needles and slow (and less durable) bamboo needles.

Anyway, that was my Lykke Cypra interchangeable knitting needle set review. Comment below with your questions.

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  1. I have the driftwood interchangeable needles from Lykke. I absolutely love them!! I bought the set on Amazon for just under $100 while they were offering a deal on them.

  2. Thank you for reviewing the LYKKE CYPRA knitting needles. I bought these a couple of years ago and love them. I’ve been knitting for 10 years and started out on Bamboo. While I still like the Bamboo, I really like the Copper. I agree with you on many aspects of your review. I wish the size of the needles were more visible. I do have stitch markers and scissors so that wasn’t important to me that this set included those notions. My only gripe is the cord loosens from the needles and I’m constantly tightening them back together. I’m sure this is user error on my part, so if you have any suggestions for this fix, I’m happy to listen. 😊


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