The best knitting podcasts

A list of my personal favorite knitting podcasts, vlogs, and youtube channels I like to listen to/watch while working on my projects.

Knitting is fun and sometimes almost like meditation. But let’s be honest: When you need to zoom through a large panel of stockinette stitches, it also can become a bit tedious. Not everyone can watch a movie while knitting (gotta watch those stitches after all), so what better way to entertain yourself than listening to a knitting podcast?

And with this whole quarantine and lockdown business going on, I feel this is a great way to stay connected to the knitting community. There are, sadly, no festivals and live events. I certainly have been listening and watching a looot this year! So, I felt like compiling a list of my personal favorite ones.

I am listening to and watching both vlogs on youtube and podcasts on Spotify & co. Since they are so similar I didn’t feel the need to separate them, but I’ll mark the classic audio podcasts accordingly. And of course, you should also definitely check out my own youtube channel (currently ~12k subscribers) in case you want to see me knitting my patterns, tutorials, and interesting stories about knitting in general.

So, let’s dive right into it, eh?

Note: This is not a ranked list; Make sure to check out this post where I show you what’s in my personal project bag.

Fruity Knitting

Andrea’s show is probably my favorite ever. She is so very well-prepared, there are always extremely interesting interview partners, and each show really has a very nice focus. They are fun to watch and I’d say if there is one vlog you need to watch, then this is it. There’s also a Patreon page with even more delicious knitting content.

Watch it here: Fruity Knitting

Grocery Girls Knit

Tracie & Jodi are always a fun watch! It’s a very conversational show. There’s not always a clear topic, but I think that’s the true charm of it. I could listen to them for hours because it all seems so relatable and there are no…you know…influencer airs or anything. You really feel like you were sitting with them in their living room and having a nice chat about whatever comes up.

Watch it here: Grocery Girls Knit

Sweet Tea, No Shade

Another couple I love to watch are Scott and John. Again, they are just so relatable and open. You can tell they are doing this because they love knitting and they love to interact with the community. It’s very conversational as well, and there aren’t major new finished objects (FOs) being shown on each show. But let’s be honest: Most viewers probably don’t finish 4 sweaters per month either. Sometimes you want some inspiration, but sometimes you just want to sit together with your knitting friends and have a good talk about your struggles. And I feel these two are perfect for that.

Watch it here: Sweat Tee No shade


Do you like a moody atmosphere and muted pastel color, then you have to check out Voolenvine aka Kristin Lehrer. She is a yarn dyer and a very prolific maker. She mostly knits (and makes for herself), but interestingly enough even I, as a man, find her projects just so fascinating and inspiring. I love the way she documents her progress and I guess using her own colorways makes each and every one of them even more special. Definitely tune in. It’s a bit “girly”, I guess, but I just love her aesthetics.

Watch it here: Voolenvine

Fiber Hustle

Aaron & Chip is another couple that is just so enjoyable to watch. The vlog (they call it fibercast) focuses on both knitting and sewing, and I’m sure especially beginner and intermediate knitters will be able to get a lot of inspiration from their show. Again, don’t expect a scripted show with one knitting topic after the next. There is a lot of funny bantering going on between the two of them that I feel is just so entertaining to watch/listen.

Watch it here: Fiber Hustle

A Wooden nest

If you are looking for something different, then tune in to Lindsay’s lovely youtube channel. She is a natural yarn dyer, and what I find so personally appealing about her vlog is that she shares so many visuals from her personal life and work. So, it’s not just her sitting in front of the camera and lamp in the background. Instead, there’s so much very down-to-earth footage from her life and what currently occupies her. Personally, I also appreciate that she doesn’t behave like she was on LSD once the camera turns on.

Watch it here: A wooden nest

Imagined Landscapes

Katie & Sarah have been hosting a very lovely podcast since 2015. What I appreciate so much is that the projects they knit are very accessible. This means, no crazily complicated stitches or repeats, and, I guess, things even beginners might tackle with a bit of guidance. Plus, like me, they also love tea & good books, and talk about it in each episode – so I personally find that part very inspiring.

Listen to it here: Imagined Landscapes

Curious Handmade

Are you like me? If I watch or listen to much of the same thing, then I get bored. And that’s why Helen’s podcast makes all the difference for you. It’s only her talking about her knitting (and making), and I find it’s all so well curated. I feel it’s an overall aesthetics that resonates with many other knitters (well and it’s currently the 330th episode, so I guess that’s saying a lot by and in itself).

Listen to it here: Curious Handmade

Hey Brown Berry

Every time I watch/listen to Marce it paints a bright smile on my face. She has such a calming and truly appreciating approach to vlogging that you just cannot not love. Also, the way she shares her current struggles and thoughts really make you reflect on yourself – and I think that is a true gift. Plus, I feel her vlogs are always so super authentic.

Listen to it here: Hey Brown Berry

Knitpicks podcast

If you’ve been around the knitting sphere for a couple of years, then you certainly came across the name “Knitpicks”. But even if you don’t like their needles & yarn, you might want to check out their podcast. Most episodes are very crisp and deal with one specific topic. So, if you want to learn new things or educate yourself (as opposed to being purely entertained) then and I think this podcast (which has been going on for ages) is a great choice.

Listen to it here: Knitpicks

Note: The show currently seems to be on hold, but the archive is quite amazing.

Little Big Knits

Selma is a veeery prolific knitter and watching her podcast is inspiration pure. She almost always presents a new sweater, socks, or shawls hot off the needles, and I feel that’s something a lot of knitters will appreciate. Especially, as she doesn’t rush through her makes but you really get the full picture.

Watch it here: Little big knits


Sarah, Katy, Jamie, Kristina are four “Sisters from Grande Praire, Alberta” and they share their love for knitting in a very entertaining vlog that makes you feel like you were part of their family. And I guess that’s the great appeal of the show because many knitters are, for so many reasons, knitting alone, and to me it always feels a bit like they were saying. “Hey, no worries, you can be part of our knitting family”.

Watch it here: CozyUpKnits

Very Pink Knits

Staci runs a very popular website and youtube channel. I’m sure a lot of knitters have been using her videos to teach themselves a technique or two. She’s also very concise and gets straight to the point. She also has quite an enjoyable podcast. So go over, and check it out. There are co-hosts now and a Patreon group on top of it.

Listen to it here: Very Pink Knits Podcast

Needles at the Ready

Whenever I watch Kevin and Ray I feel kind of jealous and wish my partner would knit. I only ever got him to crochet a coaster once, lol. Their youtube channel is still somewhat youngish (like 1 year old). Still, it’s a lovely and very conversational show with lots of interesting yarns and everyday projects being shared. Sometimes a bit chaotic but I guess, so is life. I feel it’s very enjoyable.

Watch it here: Needles at the Ready

Frickelcast (german only)

One of my personal favorite knitting podcasts and one where I rarely miss an episode is the Frickelcast by Jane and Steffi. It’s always the perfect balance between interesting new projects and products and that playful banter that makes every podcast entertaining to knit along.

Listen to it here

Jonathan’S day

A very recent addition to the world of knitting vlogs is Jonathan’s Day. He might not be the biggest headliner yet, but I thoroughly enjoy watching each of his episodes. He’s more or less “just” documenting his knitting but in a very down-to-earth and frank way. And I think that’s why I enjoy it so much.

Watch it here: Jonathan’s day

Anyway. That was my list of the best podcasts. I would love if you would comment and add yours here if I missed it!

A massive list of the best knitting podcasts

17 thoughts on “The best knitting podcasts”

  1. Norman! Thank you so much for giving us such a lovely shout out! It’s so amazing to see makers from across the globe connecting digitally! We’re so glad we found you! We’re signing up and hope to keep in touch with you!

    All the best, the Aaron & Chip of Fiber Hustle

    • Hey Aaron,
      I do agree, amazing to see all the creativity – it also leaves me quite humbled – but excited at the same time!

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorite podcasts, I’m looking forward to checking out all of them. My absolute favorite isn’t strictly knitting related as you might guess by the title: Fiber Nation, by Interweave, but many of them are close enough – such as one looking at the history and controversy surrounding hemp fiber. It is skillfully created and hosted by Allison Korleski. Each episode (usually around 30 minutes) covers one subject relating to fiber. Episodes can be historic, like the episode titled The Socks That Won WW2, or more modern like, Sorry Dave I Can’t Knit That, the one that investigates whether artificial intelligence can produce a knitting pattern that isn’t nonsensical.
    It’s an interesting and diverting look at all things fiber related.

  3. Thank you Norman for this list. I wanted something new (to me) to watch or listen to while I knit and I’m so glad you gave me so many choices. After watching your videos, I use several of your tips every time I knit.

  4. I love your description of a podcaster not seeming like they are LSD when the camera turns on. I’m a big fan of silent vloggers which doesn’t always pair well with knitting since I miss a lot looking at my project, but I love Mandarine’s – she strikes a great balance between beautiful scenes of her knitting while looking very cozy and soothing dialog or voice overs ( I love her accent).

  5. Thanks! I’m going to check these out. Some of them I already subscribe to. I have two other favorites, besides you, that I regularly look to for advice and instructions. Rox Rocks, which is a YouTube channel with Roxanne Richardson. She usually publishes twice a week. The other is, So Woolly. I may just kind of love her accent, but I also go to her channel when I’m looking for an interesting texture or something easy and pretty to incorporate into a project. Both are on YouTube.

  6. I’d love to add Make Good to the list. It’s an audio podcast only. Jessica and Karen have very good topics, punctuated by a lot of banter and laughter. They are so sweet and relatable, it makes for a very soothing listen.

    Thank you for your wonderful articles

  7. Thank you for the list! I was looking for some suggestions by Google and your blog post showed up. I am already a subscriber, so I immediately clicked on this post. Can’t wait to explore all the suggested podcasts. Hope you have wonderful and blessed Advent.

  8. I am so excited to check these out. I’ve only heard of a couple of them before. Another one I like is Kutovakika. She is Finnish but her YouTube channel is all in English. She designs and knits her own stuff; she even knitted her own wedding dress. She only posts a couple times a month but her channel is so good.

    • I like her as well. A lot of her garments are not what I would knit, but I really love her energy and I find her videos to be really well made, and I enjoy her aesthetic.

  9. I absolutely love this list of the best knitting podcasts! As an avid knitter, I am always on the lookout for interesting and inspiring podcasts to accompany me during my crafting time, and this compilation is just perfect. The variety of topics and the passion of the hosts create such an enjoyable listening experience. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource, it has truly enhanced my knitting journey. Keep up the great work!

  10. I second Roxanne Richardson’s podcasts (and deep dive technique video’s), who is also not an ‘influencer’ energy kind of person, which I also sometimes find irritating.
    I also appreciate (audio only) for her radio-style voice and language. Well written and well spoken.
    Thanks for the list, Norman: I’ll explore the ones I didn’t know about.

  11. I love Fruity Knitting! Another one I personally would add to this list is Urban Yarn, by Gary, from Vancouver Canada. His voice and manner of speaking is so calming, it’s really a pleasure to watch. I also think his color sense is absolutely amazing.

  12. What about The Green Bean? Katie Green is an illustrator, knitwear designer, spinner, and lots more. They take the viewer on walks through the park near their home in Wales, with their dog, Jack, and take you through their creative journeys.


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