someone showing how to knit a hat on circular needles

How to knit a hat

A step-by-step tutorial on knitting a hat for beginners with circular needles Winter is coming, as they say, and it’s always good to be prepared with beautiful hand-knitted garments. A scarf might be one of the easiest knitting projects for beginners. But what about headwear? It’s almost as easy and in this tutorial, I will …

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how to change colors in knitting shown on a swatch in garter stitch

How to change colors in knitting

A step-by-step tutorial on how to switch colors in knitting – no matter which yarn or which technique (intarsia, fair isle, stripes, etc) you are using. So, you started your first colorwork project but now it’s time to change colors and you have no idea how to do that? Or are you an experienced knitter …

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a left and a right leaning knitting decrease side by side as shown with a simple swatch

How to decrease in knitting

A step-by-step tutorial on how to decrease stitches evenly in knitting for beginners. Left- and right-leaning variations for every project. Once you are past your first little scarfs or potholder, you may want to learn how to shape fabric. Maybe you want things to get narrower. And then your regular knit and purls won’t get …

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close-up of a super neat swatch in a 1x1 rib stitch

How to knit neater rib stitches

Everything you need to know to make your ribbing neater and some important theory to improve your tension when knitting knit-purl combinations Are you fighting a constant uphill battle against your ribbings? No matter what you try, they always look a bit wonky? Or is there a loose column of knit stitches you just can’t …

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a swatch using magic loop to knit in the round

The magic loop method – knitting in the round the easy way

A step-by-step tutorial on how to knit magic loop using a single circular needle Do you want to start a tubular project? You tried knitting in the round on double-pointed needles but the technique was beyond you? Well, then you came to the right places because this tutorial is all about the super simple magic …

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a knitted project joined in the round without a gap

How to join knitting in the round

A step-by-step tutorial on joining knitting in the round with double-pointed needles or circular needles – without a gap or jog So, you want to knit a tubular project but you have no clue how to start? Or did you finished your first hat or sock only to notice there’s a weird jog right at …

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someone showing how to purl backwards continental style

How to purl backwards

A step-by-step tutorial on purling backwards the continental way to stay on the right side and avoid turning your project. Let me guess? You learned all about knitting backwards but nobody ever mentioned purling. And now you are wondering if it can be done at all? Sure! This tutorial is all about how to purl …

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knitting backwards the continental way - example with a swatch in stockinette stitch

Knitting backwards (continental)

A step-by-step tutorial on how to knit backwards the continental way. Everything you need to know about reverse knitting to avoid purling & turning your work. Do you want to learn how to knit in the opposite direction? Do you hate purling or turning your work around all the time? Then this tutorial is perfect …

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learning how to knit the continental way with a swatch

How to knit for beginners

A step-by-step tutorial on how to start knitting the easy continental way. All the basic techniques beginners need to learn for their first project. So, how do you knit? Are you wondering about the basics for beginners you absolutely need to learn? Or do you want to make the switch to continental knitting? Well, then …

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joining a new yarn in kitting with an easy method

How to join yarn in knitting

A step by step tutorial on joining yarn in knitting with 10 different techniques from easy to invisible – with or without knots & weaving in So, your yarn ran out and now you want to join a new ball, right? Or maybe you want to create some stripes with a different color. And now …

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