someone assessing their knitting skill level with a test

Knitting skill levels

How to assess your knitting skill level, figure out how good you are, and which patterns are suitable for you. Do you want to know how good you are at knitting? Or do you want to knit a pattern but it says “for experienced knitters” and you have no clue if you fall within that …

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fair isle knitting - a swatch in many different colors on a wooden table

Fair Isle Knitting Tutorial for beginners

A step-by-step tutorial on how to knit Fair Isle patterns, how to catch floats, and many tips for neater results with this colorwork technique Do you want to knit stunning projects in two colors? Have you seen beautiful sweaters, hats, and socks with intricate colorwork, and now you want to knit one too? Well, then …

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sometimes fixing a knitting mistake with a crochet hook

15 Common knitting mistakes

A massive list of frequent knitting mistakes and how to fix them – including tons of pictures and a video. Are you a beginner and now you are wondering about common knitting mistakes you might not even realize you are making? Or have you noticed something that doesn’t seem right in your knitting and now …

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knit vs purl stitches as shown in a swatch in blue yarn

Knit vs purl

Explaining the difference between a knit stitch vs a purl stitch – including a diagram Are you wondering what’s the difference between a knit stitch vs a purl stitch? What’s the key difference between knitting the two and is there an easy way to keep track of them? Well, this tutorial will show you the …

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counting rows in knitting on a swatch in stockinette stitch

How to count rows in knitting

A step-by-step tutorial on counting rows – no matter if it’s garter stitch, stockinette stitch, cables, or any other pattern. Your knitting pattern tells you to knit 5, 10, or 20 rows, you lost track, and now you have no clue if you need to continue knitting or not? Fear not because in this tutorial …

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someone calculating how much to charge for hand knit items with socks and yarn in the background

How to price hand-knit items

A handy little guide showing you how much to charge for a hand-knit hat, socks or sweater and important facts you need to consider Do you love knitting and you want to turn it into a business? Or maybe a colleague asked you to knit something for them and now you are wondering how to …

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someone trying to get gauge with a special ruler and a knitted swatch

Is getting gauge an illusion?

A close look at the biggest myth in knitting and why I personally believe that getting gauge is actually impossible So, you’ve knitted your gauge swatch. Diligently. You went down a needle size, you even adjusted your tension, you picked a different yarn and needle material, and there it is: You count your stitches and …

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a big knitted gauge swatch and someone counting stitches

Knitting gauge swatches – How & Why

A step-by-step tutorial on how to knit swatches and get gauge every time. Plus many common mistakes you need to avoid. Knitting is a handcraft. As such, we all knit with different techniques, a different tension, a different needle material, a different needle brand, and/or a different yarn. The result: no two knitted fabrics are …

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crochet vs knitting shown with example swatches in green and blue

Knitting vs crochet – how to find out which craft is right for you

Is knitting or crocheting easier? A closer look at the facts, the pros, and the cons of each craft. So, you want to create your own sweaters, scarves, socks, toys, or blankets? Or are you just looking for an accessible and reasonably inexpensive hobby that some say has very calming, even meditative, aspects? And now …

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someone showing how to knit a hat on circular needles

How to knit a hat

A step-by-step tutorial on knitting a hat for beginners with circular needles Winter is coming, as they say, and it’s always good to be prepared with beautiful hand-knitted garments. A scarf might be one of the easiest knitting projects for beginners. But what about headwear? It’s almost as easy and in this tutorial, I will …

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