Intarsia knitting swatch with the letter N

How to knit intarsia

A detailed tutorial on how to do intarsia knitting for beginners. So, you saw a beautiful intarsia knitting pattern but you have no clue how to knit it? And now you want to master this amazing technique yourself? Well, then you came to the right place! In this tutorial, I am going to show you …

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Using two tapestry needles, one sharp, one blunt, to weave in the tails with two different techniques

The best way to weave in ends in knitting

A comparison between 6 different techniques to weave in the tails after you finished knitting a project The other day, there was a discussion on Reddit about the best way to weave in ends. Most knitters hate sewing and on top of that, a lot are even scared their work might unravel unless they tie …

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Helpful tips: How to knit with double-pointed needles like a pro

10 tips and tricks that help me achieve neater results when knitting in the round on DPNS So you knitted your first projects with double-pointed needles. Maybe you even knit my free men’s sock pattern? But after your first attempt, you noticed a couple of flaws in your knitting, right? How do you fix it? …

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Knitting in the round on double-pointed needles

How to knit in the round with double-pointed needles

There are many ways to knit in the round. For me, using a set of double-pointed needles (DPNs) is by far the best way and shows the neatest results. So, if you want to learn how to knit with DPNs, then you came to the right place. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you …

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knitting on a swatch with a 3x3 cable stitch

Knitting cables without a cable needle

A step-by-step tutorial on how to cable knit without a cable needle – faster and easier Sometimes a pattern involves a lot of cable stitches. Typically Aran sweaters are riddled with them. Slipping stitches, and moving the cable needle back and forth requires time. And if there are a lot of cables, this will amount …

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how to knit 2 stitches together - a sample patch on the needle with right leaning k2tog stitches

Is knitting hard to learn?

Is knitting difficult? An experienced knitter shares essential tips and shows you how you easily can start this amazing craft within hours.