different skeins of double knitting weight yarn on a wooden board with a scissor and knitting needles

What is double knitting yarn / DK Weight Yarn

Everything you need to know about double knitting weight yarn. How to identify it, what it means, and what to knit with it. So, I assume you went to a store saw a beautiful skein or your pattern calls for a specific yarn. And, now you are wondering what is double knitting yarn exactly? What …

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a set of addi click interchangeable knitting needles and one partially connected cable next to it

Addi interchangeable knitting needles – Review

A detailed review of the addi click interchangeable knitting needles – a close look at the cables, joins & overall experience with the sets So, you are ready to buy a set of knitting needles? And that’s when the name “addi” popped up left and right. And now you are wondering if the addi interchangeable …

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a couple of projects with a knitting podcast icon layered above it

The best knitting podcasts

A list of my personal favorite knitting podcasts, vlogs, and youtube channels I like to listen to/watch while working on my projects. Knitting is fun and sometimes almost like meditation. But let’s be honest: When you need to zoom through a large panel of stockinette stitches, it also can become a bit tedious. Not everyone …

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a hank of alpaca yarn on a wooden board

Knitting with alpaca yarn – How it feels and what to knit with it

Everything you need to know about the fiber, how to knit with alpaca yarn, and helpful tips. I have a confession to make: I’m an incredibly sensitive person and I can’t stand the (perceived) itchiness of standard wool. And in all my years of knitting, one fiber became my favorite alternative. So, this post is …

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View of what's in my knitting toolkit from above

My knitting toolkit – Essential items I need for every project

A detailed look at my personal knitting toolkit. What’s always in it and why. There are tons of different knitting tools out there. While they certainly all serve their unique purpose, you don’t need to carry them around all the time. So, in this post, I will focus exclusively on the ones I always have …

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skeins of 100% yak wool in yellow and brown

Yak Yarn: Everything you need to know about the luxury fiber

Sharing my experience knitting with yak yarn and everything you need to know about its properties and how to care for it. Have you seen a luxurious skein of yak yarn? And now you are wondering what it’s like knitting with it? How soft is it? And what about the stitch definition of the rare …

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A couple of the best gifts for knitters

The best gifts for knitters 2023

Perfect knitting gift ideas for advanced knitters and beginners. Unique or inexpensive presents for Christmas, birthdays, etc Knitting is an incredibly rewarding hobby but non-knitters often see it as a bit of an enigma. If you have never knitted a single stitch, finding the perfect present for a knitter can be quite a challenge. What …

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Knitting needles on a plane for a simple sock pattern

Can you bring knitting needles on a plane?

National or international flights: Can you take knitting needles on a plane as part of your carry-on bags? What’s allowed and what isn’t. So, you are about to embark on an epic trip, perhaps even going overseas? And now you are wondering: Can you bring knitting needles on a plane, right? It would be the …

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various knitter's pride karbonz knitting needles

Knitter’s Pride Karbonz knitting needles – Review

A detailed review of the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz series – from the interchangeable knitting needle sets to the double-pointed needles. Knitter’s Pride offers the only true knitting needles range made out of carbon. The Karbonz knitting needles claim to be near indestructible while still offering the speed of metal needles and the grip of their …

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reviewing different knitting books. Open is "The Principles of knitting" with a stack of other books next to it

The best knitting books for beginners & advanced knitters

A detailed review of the best knitting books 2021 with my personal recommendations I love a good knitting book. Beautiful pictures, some fascinating charts, and a little background story about how the various designs were created. Something I can read while snuggled up on my couch sipping a hot chocolate. Do you know what I …

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