The yarn you need for a blanket

How much yarn do you need for a blanket?

A tutorial on how to calculate yarn the requirements for different kinds of blankets – from baby blankets to chunky throws. Do you want to decorate your home with a wonderful handknit throw or a big afghan? Does one of your loved ones expect a baby and you want to knit them a nice baby …

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chiaogoo interchangeable knitting needle set

Chiaogoo interchangeable knitting needles review 2023

A detailed and in-depth review of the circular ChiaoGoo interchangeable needles – from red lace to the shorties. Whenever I see someone asking for the best knitting needles online, there is one name that constantly pops up: ChiaoGoo. The Chinese brand has been producing knitting needles since the 1980ies. They first started with simple bamboo …

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three hanks of yarn and a ball and a yarn cake next to it

How to roll yarn into a ball – 3 time-proven methods

A step by step tutorial on how to wind skeins of yarn into a ball using different methods – one for each skill level So, you bought a beautiful hank of yarn but now you want to start your project and you don’t know how to wind it into a ball so you can start …

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All the basic knitting supplies you need as a beginner wanting to learn this craft

Basic knitting supplies for beginners

A detailed list of all the materials and tools you need as a knitting beginner and how to use them. So, you want to start knitting? Maybe you found my free knitting school already and you are all stoked to get started. But now you don’t know what you need to buy? What are the …

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The best knitting tools and materials – 25 things every knitter needs

Must have knitting supplies for knitters. A list of essential items and equipment you can buy to improve your hobby. Are you just starting out? And now you are wondering about essential knitting tools every knitter needs? Well, then you came to the right place! I compiled a massive list of knitting tools with detailed …

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interchangable knitting needle sets on a table

The best interchangeable knitting needles (2023 review)

An in-depth and non-sponsored review of the four big interchangeable knitting needle set brands I am sure you have considered buying an interchangeable knitting needle set. Maybe you already own one. It’s certainly one of the most important knitting tools and the advantages are many: Instead of buying a new pair of needles for every …

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Differend colorways created be indie dyers

The best indie yarn dyers

A massive resource with all the indie dyers and yarn artists in one alphabetical big list for easy access and research Are you looking for the perfect yarn for your next project? A wonderful customized colorway with speckles perhaps? Do you want to support local small businesses instead of larger corporations or find the perfect …

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A stack of different yarns in different materials, colors, and weights

The best knitting yarn for beginners

A detailed guide to choosing the best knitting yarn for beginners. Which materials are easiest to knit and which thickness (weight) should you choose for those first stitches?