Knitting Stitch Patterns – The free Library

A library of popular knitting stitch patterns and how to knit them. Click on the links to access the step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. If you still need to brush up your knitting skills, then I recommend you to work through my free knitting school as well.

a garter stitch pattern in green cotton yarn

Garter Stitch

The most basic knitting stitch perfect for beginners. Fluffy and stretchy, perfect for scarfs.

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Close up of a stockinette stitch knitting pattern

Stockinette Stitch

A timeless classic for sweaters. The perfect pattern to show off luxurious yarns.

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double stockinette stitch pattern

Double Stockinette Stitch

The reversible and non-curling sister of the classic stocking stitch.

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a 1x1 rib stitch knitting pattern swatch

1×1 rib stitch

The mother of all cuffs and hems: Stretchy, easy to knit for beginners and very versatile.

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the 2x2 rib stitch knitting pattern as shown on a full sized swatch

2×2 rib stitch

A very popular knitting stitch pattern for hems, cuffs, and socks – with a lot of negative ease

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Rib Stitch Variations

An overview of the most common rib stitch variations. 2×2, ziz-zag, twisted rib, etc

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close-up of the seed stitch knitting pattern

Seed stitch

A very simple knit/purl variation suitable for beginners, and a great pattern for shawls

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A close-up of a swatch knitted in the Irish moss knitting pattern

Moss stitch

A popular and easy 4-row repeat pattern with a lot of texture. Perfect for sweaters and dishcloths

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The double moss stitch knitting pattern in green cotton. It's an easy 4 row repeat

Double Moss Stitch

Stretchier, but just as charming as the Irish Moss Stitch – perfect for scarfs, hats and washcloths.

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A brioche stitch knitting sample pattern

Brioche Stitch

Incredibly fluffy and perfect for scarfs. An easy 1 row repeat but a bit of yarn eater.

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the half brioche knitting stitch pattern

Half Brioche Stitch

A variation of the classic stitch that has two sides and is not reversible

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the star stitch knitting pattern

Star Stitch

An intricate pattern that needs a bit of practice, but looks almost like crochet.

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a knitted swatch with the classic cable stitch knitting pattern

Cable Stitch

The twisted sister of the rib stitch: Knit complicated looking patterns with a cable needle

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A swatch with a horseshoe cable stitch pattern also known as double cable stitch

Horseshoe Cable Stitch

A fun variation of the classic cable stitch: Horsehoe cables look wonderful on the front of a sweater or a headband.

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The honeycomb cable stitch pattern

Honeycomb Cable Stitch

A cable stitch variation very popular on Aran Sweaters. A lot of structures and a lot of cable fun.

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the bobble stitch knitting pattern

Bobble stitch

An fabulous way to add structure to any knitting pattern + 5 different ways to knit.

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The garter stitch bobble stitch knitting pattern

5 Stitch Garter Bobbles

The fun knitting variation of the classic bobble stitch

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two-colored bobble stitch knitting pattern

2-colored bobble stitch

Another fun variation to bring some color(s) into your pattern.

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Entrelac pattern

A very ingenious method to knit squares in multiple colors for a basketweave effect

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the waffle stitch knitting pattern as seen from the right side in purple yarn

Waffle Stitch

A simple 4-row repeat that results in a squish well-structured fabric.

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Zig Zag Stitch

Another variation of the rib stitch. Sadly not reversible but a lot of texture and a fun knit

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knitting an icord with green cotton yarn on double-pointed needles

How to knit an I-Cord

An easy way to produce knitted straps and drawstrings with double-pointed needles and some fun variations.

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comparing different selvage knitting techniques

The 10 best edge stitches

A detailed list of the best selvage techniques in knitting.

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