Free cashmere hat knitting pattern: Mütze 2

A free knitting pattern for a cashmere hat for men and women with an inverted hem in a contrasting yarn

Are you like me? Sometimes I am obsessed with a specific yarn. The organic cashmere by Pascuali is one of them. When I saw it, I had to get it and turn it into something wearable. Something simple, to show off the luxurious softness in all its delicate glory. The result is this free knitting pattern for a simple hat in stockinette stitch.

Download this hat knitting pattern
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Now, if you have been following me on Instagram, then you might already know that I love to add a subtle twist to all my patterns. So, for this cashmere hat, I decided to add a little inverted hem in a contrasting yarn.

a free knitting pattern for a cashmere hat with a double hem

This feature has two functions. First, it adds a tiny speckle of color. But it also adds a lot of warmth around the ears (our German winters can be quite cold) and a more secure fit. Because let’s be frank, nothing is worse than a hat that constantly slips down (if you like that idea, do check out my reversible headband pattern).

While I love pom poms, this design is decreased in a decorative way that I feel looks best without one. The crown is quite round (and not pointy at all) because I wanted something fitting but with a little slouch so it doesn’t entirely look like a skullcap.

A free cashmere hat knitting pattern with an inverted hem

Now, I already have one very simple beanie pattern on my blog called Muetze. And that’s why I decided to call this one Muetze 2. Mütze is the German word for a beanie and I feel such a simple name is all a basic pattern needs. I’ll save “Sunrise over a cedar-lined mountain ridge near Kyoto” for another time, eh? And of course, there’s my free hat knitting course available as well.

Now, I can already hear some knitters calling me a yarn-snob. And if I’m honest, that I am! Still, I am the last person to deny each and every knitter their own choice. While I do believe such a simple stocking stitch design works best with a fuzzy yarn, it really doesn’t have to be pure Cashmere.

A nice blend, or maybe some Alpaca yarn could be a nice option with a similar look and feel for a tighter budget. Or even Camel hair yarn. If you can hold a very even tension, I’m sure this hat will even look nice in merino yarn.

That being said, Christmas is close, and this could be a lovely time to treat yourself (or let yourself be treated) 🙂

Materials you will need for the Cashmere hat:

The materials used for this cashmere hat knitting pattern
  • Around 65 grams (300 meters/328 yards) of yarn for needles size 3.00 mm; I used two skeins of the Pascuali filati Bio Cashmere 6/28 in rust and half a skein in curry.
  • Double-Pointed Knitting needles 2.50 and 3.00 mm. Frequent readers probably already know that I am a huge fan of the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz because they are the only ones that don’t end up crooked after 5 minutes. You could also knit with magic loop
  • A tapestry needle and scissors.
  • A crochet hook (for the provisional cast on; you can do it without as well)
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • Measuring tape

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Knitting Techniques

decreasing the crown of my basic hat in cashmere yarn

Most of this hat is knit in pure stockinette stitch. The inverted hem is a 1×1 rib. So, I feel this knitting pattern is quite accessible for advanced beginners. Possibly the only tricky part is the provisional cast on and the three-needles bind-off. But that’s just two rows and if you watch my tutorials it will be easy.

And here’s how to knit in the round with double-pointed needles in case you need to catch up. More experienced knitters might want to check out my list of 10 tips to knit in the round like a pro.

cashmere hat with a double hem in stockinette stitch knitted in the round

Either way, go and download this free hat knitting pattern. It’s a 9 page pdf loaded with detailed written instructions and all the important information you need to adjust this to your size and your preferred fit.

Download this hat knitting pattern
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While the instructions are indeed for a men’s size M, I’m reasonably sure you can adjust my instructions even if you are relatively new to knitting. I tried to pack all the information you need into the pdf.

I hope you like my little cashmere hat knitting pattern. Feel free to ask your questions below.

A free cashmere hat knitting pattern for men and women with an inverted hem

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  1. I’m loving your patterns! But, I’m already subscribed to your mailing list, so now I can’t get the hat pattern… it tells me I’m already subscribed. Is there a way to get your patterns without having to unsubscribe and subscribe every time a new one is released Could a download link be automatically sent to those already subscribed?

    • Hey Nora,

      well..but that’S exactly what you get. Every subscriber gets each new pattern with each new issue of the newsletter. The next issue is due this weekend. If you were to unsubscribe and subscribe, it will only increase the likelihood my emails are marked as spam and you not getting anything anymore 😉

  2. I love all your patterns … and the hats are my favourite, unfortunately i am already a subscribier to your mailing list, so now I can’t get the hat pattern… i get a message saying me I’m already subscribed. Is there any other way to get your lovely patterns

    Thanks much

    • Ive said it before and I’l say it again. If you are already a subscriber, you get each (free) pattern with the next newsletter 🙂

  3. The issue the others are describing is – we subscribe for a later pattern than this hat, then we cannot get the hat pattern as we’ve already subscribed. For example, I just subscribed as I found your headband pattern. I then found the hat pattern that was published earlier. Are you saying you’ll be able to receive the hat pattern in a newsletter that offers past patterns?

    At any rate, you provide a lot of detail and do such a nice job. You have beautiful knitting tool too. I’m also a fan of karbonz, but love the shorts. I teach Fair Isle knitting and agree with you that it is SO much easier with interchangeables. Great designs and instruction!

    • Hey Leah,

      they are free patterns and there is no infrastructure for accessing past patterns. It would cost me money to do so and well…Maybe I’ll set up a patreon account or so in the future. I dunno.

  4. Hi Norman- I LOVE your patterns!!

    I have been looking for a man’ hat made with 8 ply jade sapphire cashmere. I am not wise enough to be able to calculate. Do you have a hat pattern that I would use? Thanks in advance

    • Hey Marlowe,
      that’S a really love yarn.. Jade sapphire is my favorite brand for cashmere. Alas, there is no pattern here available on my blog for 8ply. And, to be quite frank with you, I’m not sure adjusting this pattern here to 8ply would look good.
      You could try to adjust this pattern here:
      Not sure how well the 8ply looks with ribbing though. It could look either stellar or crap (with nothing in between, lol!)

      It’s quite easy to adjust it. Just knit 10 rounds and see if it fits..and than frog it and cast on more or less stitches.


  5. Good morning, Norman!

    I’m having a wonderful time learning from you and thrilled that I found you.

    My question is – how difficult is it to knit with cashmere?

    For me the lion’s share of pleasure from needlework – knitting, crocheting, needlepoint – comes from the tactile experience. The “swoonie” feeling that comes from delicious fibers takes me to a very happy place.

    One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that the yummier the fiber, the more difficult it is to work with. Is that truly the case or is it just me letting myself get lost in happiness and forgetting to pay attention?

    Thank you for being such a fountain of useful knowledge!

    • Well, I would say cashmere is actually fairly easy to work with. Before you wash it, it typically doesn’t bloom so it will behave pretty much like a somewhat fuzzy merino yarn. With one exception: most cashmere fibers are quite a bit more delicate.
      This means they break a loot easier. So you typically have to be a bit more careful and not apply too much stress (like when pulling a seam tight, etc).

  6. Hi, Norman,
    I love this hat pattern , I am old grandma and thinking to knit this for grand son. I want to buy this pattern but as I am not working so cant pay every month as a petron. Please let me know. Thanks.

  7. Hello Norman,

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I am excited to begin this fun project. Can you recommend a favorite online site for ordering the yarn for this hat? I live in the U.S.A.

    Thank you again!
    Deb Collins

  8. Very excited to cast on this pattern, I’ve never knit a brim in this manner and I think it is going to expand my knowledge of hat making! Unfortunately I’m not going to be using cashmere yarn (it’s going to be a working-mans hat made of wool) but maybe someday I’ll treat myself 🙂 thank you for sharing some of your amazing patterns! I enjoy your personality and teaching style on YouTube, and I’m happy to be trying out my very first pattern by Norman!!

  9. Hi I really wanted to make your muetze2 pattern but unfortunately I m a beginner.. but plz plz could you make a video of it , so I will understand it more please! Plus I m confused with 2 yarns, do I have to knit them together or separate

    • Hey Ayesha. Creating a video for a pattern like this takes upwards of 40 hours. That is nothing i can do on a whim – setting aside that I do have a tutorial for a beginner hat.

  10. Hi,
    I tried to download your Mütze 2 patter yesterday. I waited for the email but never received it. I have checked my spam and no sign. I’ve come back to this web page to try again but can’t find a download links not sure what to try next and I really love the Mütze 2 and keen to getting knitting for a Christmas present. Please can you help?
    Thank you

  11. Hi Norman, I’m a beginner and trying to knit this hat for my DH. I’m using circular needles. Can I use Judy’s magic cast on with 2 colors? How many stitches would I need for the same size as in the pattern, do I need to double the count, 140×2?

    Also, round 56 is all k2tog, not sure how I will end up with same count as cast on? So, if I casted 140 st, go thru k2tog round, would I not have 1/2 the count?

    Please advise

    • Feel free to change the pattern according to your preferences and do double knitting. But please be aware that I cannot help you with any changes I have not tested myself.

  12. If i wanted to bind off a hat with a hole in the end, would I decrease according to the pattern and bind off in pattern like ending a ribbed sleeve?

    Thanks in advance

    • that entirely depends on what you want to do with the hole. For more structure, i’d definitely bind off the normal way.


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